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Student Hiring - Compensation
Policy #106



Policy & Procedure
The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance on classifying and compensating students.  This policy is a supplement to the Student Hiring Handbook.

Classification Categories

Administrative & Service Support
Students who provide support to an office or department and includes general office management, answering phones, speaking with customers, assisting manager, clerical work and a variety of other administrative tasks.  They may also be in charge of sending and receiving correspondence, as well as greeting customers.  Requires students to have skills and competency in the areas of customer service, Microsoft Office 365, and meeting software.  This category also includes students who provide support to service areas, such as custodial grounds, and other non-administrative, professional, or technical support.

Professional Support
Students work to support a program or function.  They may provide specialized support or skills to a program or function which includes the task of educating, training, guiding, and directing customers.  Students must have the ability to manage software programs.  This category includes Student Center Campus Concierge and website/social media support.

Technical Support
Students work to provide technical assistance to users who require help with technical products or services.  Requires students to have technical acumen and the ability to resolve technical issues, including platform and software support.

Student Manager
Students who provide managerial support to a function or department.  Requires the ability to problem solve, supervise, and understand risk management.  Must be able to work independently.  May guide and direct the work or another student. 

Relevant Policies

Addendum A

Salary Schedule

*Student Salary Schedule (Does not include Graduate Assistants)

Job Classification (see policy for descriptions) Entry (0-1 Year) Intermediate (2-3 Years) Advanced (4+ Years)
Administrative and Support Services $11.00 $11.50 $12.50
Professional Support $12.00 $12.50 $13.50
Technical Support $14.00 $14.50 $15.50
Student Manager $15.00 $15.50 $16.50



*Revised: Fall 2022

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