Policy 14

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Corporate Sponsorship of Campus Events Policy
Policy #14


14.01 Background

This policy is for any organization on campus to follow when seeking corporate sponsorship for an event, whether the event is held on-campus or off.  If the organization is in any way identified with the University of Wisconsin-Parkside then this policy is to be adhered to.

14.02 Campus Sales, Solicitation and Fundraising

14.02.01 Campus sales of merchandise or subscriptions must be approved as follows:

  1. Recognized student organizations must have a space reserved through University Reservations/Conference and Event Services for the campus sale or fundraiser.  If the fundraiser is questionable, the Assistant Director for Student Activities and Director for Student Center will be consulted for approval.
  2. University departments must have approval through the appropriate Dean and reserve a space through University Reservations/Conference and Event Services.

14.02.02 Solicitation of items and financial contributions from the community must be approved as follows:

  1. Recognized student organizations will submit a Solicitation and Fundraising Request for approval from Student Activities.  The student organization may not solicit from the businesses requested until list of requested solicitations has been approved.
  2. University departments need to confer with University Advancement before soliciting.

14.02.03 Individuals staffing a sales or promotional table or area, shall not aggressively solicit, or otherwise pressure a person to buy goods or services.

14.03 For Profit Entities

14.03.01 For profit entities sponsored by an internal group will be allowed on campus a maximum of four days each academic year.   (e.g. financial institutions, car dealerships etc.)

14.03.02 The sponsoring group must reserve space through University Reservations/Conference and Event Services.

14.03.03 If there is a financial relationship between the sponsor and for profit entity, the relations must be clearly identified.  For example, if the sponsoring internal group receives a percentage of sales, this financial agreement must be displayed publicly in the sales area.

14.04 Policy Review

This policy shall be reviewed annually and recommendations will be forwarded to the Chancellor's Cabinet for approval no later than March 1st.


*Revised: Fall 2022

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