Policy 26

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Library Use and Circulation
Policy #26


UW-Parkside students, faculty, and staff (including emeritus faculty and staff) may borrow UW-Parkside Library materials according to the chart under Loan Periods. Individuals must present their activated RangerCard to the desk attendant when checking out materials.

Students, faculty and staff from other University of Wisconsin campuses may borrow UW-Parkside Library materials according to the chart under Loan Periods. Individuals must use their valid UW ID cards at time of check-out.

Categories of Borrowers

There are several categories of users who may qualify as Community Borrowers:

Community Borrower ID Required Fee and Terms
Wisconsin resident 18 or older Photo ID $15 ($10 for seniors); card is valid for one year from date of issue; $15/year for renewal
Local high- or middle-school student School ID and guardian's consent FREE; card is valid for one year from date of issue
Non-Wisconsin resident 18 or older Photo ID $30; card is valid for one year from date of issue; $15/year for renewal
Carthage College and Gateway Technical College students, faculty, and staff School ID FREE; card will be valid for the current semester and may be renewed as long as they are currently enrolled/employed at the respective colleges
UW-Parkside Alumni Photo ID and proof of enrollment FREE; card valid for one year from date of issue. Free yearly renewal with verification.


Loan Periods

Loan periods vary, depending on the type of material and the category of user. Some materials do not circulate, and some materials are housed behind the check-out desk and must be requested.

Type of material and loan periods




Books (General Stacks) 28 days, 3 renewals Semester, 3 renewals 28 days, 3 renewals
Books (Reference) No loan No loan No loan
Calculators 4 hour No loan No loan
CDs 14 days, 1 renewal 14 days, 1 renewal 14 days, 1 renewal
DVDs 14 days, 1 renewal 14 days, 1 renewal 14 days, 1 renewal
HDMI cables & adapters 8 hour No loan No loan
Headphones 4 hour No loan No loan
Journals & magazines 28 days 28 days No loan
Laptops and laptop chargers 8 hours No loan No loan
Microforms No loan; view during Archives hours only No loan; view during Archives hours only No loan; view during Archives hours only
Power Supplies (laptops) 8 hour No loan No loan
Phone chargers 4 hour No loan No loan
Reserve materials 2hr;1,3,7 day 2hr;1,3,7 day No loan
Video Games 14 days, 1 renewal 14 days, 1 renewal No loan

A borrower is responsible for all materials checked out with their card. Borrowers should make the check-out desk staff aware of any damage to an item before checking out. Borrowers are expected to return or renew borrowed items by the due date. A borrower’s responsibility does not end until materials have been returned to and discharged by the library.

Renewals and Holds
UWP Faculty, staff and students may use the Your Library Account feature on the library home page to find out what items they have checked out, when they are due, and to renew materials. They can also renew items in person or by phone, if no one else has requested the item. There is no renewal on reserve materials, laptops, or AV materials.

Holds may be placed on materials that are in use. When the item is returned, the requesting individual will be notified by e-mail and will have seven days to pick the item up at the check-out desk.

Items Missing from the Shelves
If an individual has trouble locating an item in the library, they may go to the check-out desk and ask to fill out a search card. The library staff will search for the item. If/when the item is found, the requester will be notified by e-mail, and the item will be placed on hold at the check-out desk for 7 days. If the item is not found, it will be declared lost and a replacement decision will be made by a library liaison.

Returning Library Materials
During hours the library is open, return materials to one of the book drop slots located at the check-out desk. Always return reserve materials to the check-out desk. The borrower is responsible for the condition of other library materials deposited in the book drop.

UWP Library Fines and Fees
An item is overdue when it has not been returned within the specified loan period. For the convenience of borrowers, e-mail notices are sent when items become overdue. Failure to receive a notice does not alter the borrower’s responsibility for an item. Individuals with outstanding fines or fees at any UW System library will have their borrowing privileges suspended.

Overdue fines are charged for materials that circulate for fewer than 28 days. The fine for overdue two- and four-hour material is $1.00/hour the library is open. The fine for overdue 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day reserve material is $1.00/day the library is open. All other materials with loan periods of fewer than 28 days are fined $1.00/day per item for each day the library is open.

Lost items are those that have been overdue for more than four weeks. Lost item fees include the cost of replacement, or if out of print, $60.00 plus a non-refundable $15.00 processing fee. These charges apply to each item lost. If a lost item is returned before payment is made, only the $15.00 processing fee is assessed. If a lost item has been paid for and is later found and returned within one year of payment, the borrower is reimbursed the cost of the item but not the processing fee. After one year, no fees are refunded.

Fines may be paid at the front desk in the library with cash, check or money order. Fines will only be accepted on weekends and 7:30am–4:00pm on weekdays. The library does not accept credit cards. It may be possible for larger payments to be made via credit through SOLAR. Please contact the library Circulation Office (262-595-2260) or the Cashier's office (262-595-2258) for details in making this sort of transaction.

Theft and/or Mutilation of UWP Library Materials
The UW-Parkside Library has a security system that is set off when someone exits without checking out library materials. When the security system is set off, individuals are asked to open any bags for inspection. Unauthorized possession of library material may result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Individuals should be aware that unauthorized possession of library materials violates Wisconsin State Statutes and may also result in prosecution. Persons who mutilate library materials are billed for the items damaged and may lose borrowing privileges. The minimum charge for mutilated items is the current cost of replacement or $75.00 if the item is out of print.

Using Other Library Collections
UWP faculty, staff, and students may visit other UW libraries and borrow materials using their activated RangerCard. They may also request materials online from other UW libraries. The borrower should pick up and return requested items at the UW-Parkside Library check-out desk. In general, books are loaned for 28 days and AV materials for 14 days.

UWP faculty, staff, and students are eligible to borrow materials from Carthage College’s Hedberg Library and Gateway Technical College because of a reciprocal borrowing agreement. The UWP borrower must provide a valid RangerCard when checking out materials.

UWP faculty, staff, and students may use Interlibrary Loan to request materials from libraries outside of the UW System. All patrons are encouraged to exhaust resources available at UW-Parkside and through UW System Borrowing before requesting material through ILL.

Microfilm/Microfiche Use
Microfilm and microfiche are available to view in the Archive only during Archives hours. See the Archives website for location and hours.

Borrowing Laptops
The UW-Parkside Library has a limited number of PC and Mac laptops available for check-out to UW-Parkside students. Students must complete a responsibility agreement form, accepting responsibility for any loss or damage to the laptop and for costs associated with repair or replacement. Students may not reserve laptops ahead of time. Students may borrow laptops for up to eight hours; they must be returned one hour before the library closes.

Borrowers returning laptops late will be assessed fines at the rate of $5.00/hour, with a maximum total fine of $100.00. Borrowers who have borrowed laptops that have become lost or stolen will be assessed the cost of the laptop and accessories.

The UW-Parkside Library Equipment Check-out agreement form may be found below:

Facilities Use Policy
The UW-Parkside Library and its collections and equipment serve UWP students, faculty, and staff and the UW System academic community. It welcomes public users and reserves the right to restrict certain services to the campus community. For detailed information about borrowing library materials, see UW-Parkside Circulation Policies.

These guidelines govern use of library facilities:

  • Authorized library staff must approve requests for use of facilities for meetings, events, performances, exhibits, filming, and other functions outside of normal library uses.
  • The library’s third floor (L3) is a designated silent area, free of conversations, noises, and distractions.
  • The Parenting Room on L2 is for parents to care for small children. A sink and changing table, a recliner, and an infant/toddler play area are available in the room.
  • Only students may reserve study rooms online. Room reservations for faculty, staff, and community can be arranged with the director or the circulation staff. Unreserved rooms are used on a first come, first served basis. Parents may reserve a study room to study with their minor children.
  • A meditation room on L2 is available to current students, faculty, and staff for quiet meditation or religious observation.
  • A parent or adult should accompany children under 18 at all times, unless. This does not apply to registered UW-Parkside students under 18.  Parents are responsible for their minor children’s use of library resources.
  • Users must leave during emergency situations and evacuations and whenever library staff or safety personnel request they leave. Unauthorized individuals may not enter or remain in the library when it is closed.
  • Vending, peddling, and/or solicitation of merchandise or services, including but not limited to distributing advertisements or other materials, and/or conducting unauthorized surveys, are prohibited in the library’s public areas. Advertising in the library is at the library staff's discretion.
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed in public areas of the library, except in Archives. Users should keep food and drink away from library materials and clean up after themselves.
  • Users must not engage in disorderly or disruptive behavior, including but not limited to carrying weapons, turning off lights, and vaping (using e-cigarettes).
  • Users must wear shoes at all times.
  • Users must not interfere with an employee's performance of their duties nor subject library users or employees to physical or verbal abuse or harassment.

Library Accessibility
The University of Wisconsin Parkside Library provides a number of services or accommodations aimed at equalizing access to library resources for students, faculty and staff with disabilities. All staff working in public service areas of the library will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests from users with disabilities. The type and nature of the special assistance is usually determined by the request. While most special assistance can be given at the time of request, it is a good idea to make an appointment for non-routine accommodations. To make an appointment for special assistance, phone the library front desk (262) 595-3432 or email to askus@uwp.edu.

  • Elevator access is available to all levels of the library.
  • Accessible restrooms and study rooms are available on levels 1, 2 and 3 of the library.
  • Study rooms can be reserved in advance online. In-person and phone reservations can also be made (262) 595-3432.
  • Computers on the first floor accommodate wheelchair access.
  • Photocopiers and the Bookeye scanner are wheelchair accessible. If you have difficulty using either, obtain assistance at the front desk.
  • Laptops with wireless capabilities are available for checkout and can be taken to all public areas of the campus.
  • If you have difficulty retrieving books, periodicals, CDs, and other items, request at the front desk that a library staff member get the items for you.
  • If you have difficulty using the library in person, you are encouraged to try one of our alternative methods for consulting reference librarians: email: askus@uwp.edu or online chat: http://libguides.uwp.edu/content.php?pid=85126&sid=633726
  • The library attempts to make its website ADA compliant. If you have difficulty using it, contact the Digital Initiatives Librarian.

The UW-Parkside Library and UW-Parkside Accessibility Services work together to provide assistance to students, faculty and staff with disabilities. UW-Parkside Accessibility Services website: https://www.uwp.edu/live/offices/accessibilityservices/

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