Policy 42

Educational Assistance for Faculty and Staff
(Tuition Reimbursement Policy)

Revised September 2017


The following policy is an extension of the UW System Administrative Policy 210 (formerly G25) Educational Assistance for Faculty & Staff.  It provides specific guidance related to and application of the UW System policy for the UW Parkside campus.  It should be understood that the UW System policy noted above is the primary policy followed by UW Parkside for educational assistance.  The policies specific to UW Parkside described below supplement the UW System policy.   Any exceptions to the Educational Assistance policy must be approved by a hiring (appointing) authority.


Funding may be available centrally for career- related educational assistance determined annually as part of the regular budgeting process.  Departments will continue to cover job-related expenditures as they deem appropriate.


Any UW Parkside employee applying for educational assistance (tuition reimbursement) must submit a professional development plan to his/her supervisor and obtain approval from the hiring (appointing) authority and the Human Resources Department (HR) prior to beginning a course of study for which the employee is seeking assistance.  The professional development plan must be coordinated with the supervisor and meet the needs of the department employing the applicant.  As part of the process of seeking approval, the employee is expected to commit to staying with the University at least three years after completion of the planned course of study.  The University will seek repayment for any reimbursements made under this policy if the employee fails to remain with the University for at least three years after the completion of the coursework.

The employee will be eligible for educational assistance upon approval by the hiring (appointing) authority and HR.  Once a professional development plan is approved, the employee does not need to seek approval for individual courses listed in the plan as long as the plan is being followed.  In the event that the original professional development plan submitted changes, a revised plan must be submitted for approval.

To the extent possible, the professional development plan should provide a complete list of anticipated coursework along with a projected timeline to complete the coursework.  The hiring (appointing) authority must work with Business Services to determine available funding before approving the development plan.  Development plans will be kept on file in HR.

At a minimum, a professional development plan should include the following:

  • A description of the proposed course of study, including a list of courses and the institution the employee is planning to attend.
  • A schedule of courses planned including anticipated dates of attendance for each course in the proposed course of study.
  • A description of how the proposed course of study relates to the employee’s current job assignment or position responsibilities.
  • A description of how the proposed course-provided knowledge/techniques improve the employee’s performance and contribution to the institution.

Professional Development Plan Form


The reimbursement rate will be determined annually on a per credit basis and paid upon successful completion of coursework (a grade of “C” or better in undergraduate courses and a “B” or better in graduate courses) covered by an approved development plan.  The reimbursement will not exceed the net cost of the coursework to the applicant after considering financial aid.  Financial aid received in the form of loans will not reduce the amount of the reimbursement.

Generally, no more than one course, up to five credits, or training equivalent, will be reimbursed in any academic term in compliance with the UW System policy.  In situations where eight week courses are offered during a term, tuition and fees would be reimbursed for two courses up to a total of six credits. 

Fees associated with the preparation of doctoral thesis and dissertations considered to be part of the regular doctoral program may be reimbursed at the discretion of the hiring authority.  A maximum of 12 credits will be allowed if specifically approved by the hiring authority.  In addition, the reimbursement program will pay for a course only once.

To qualify for reimbursement, requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days of completing the course.


The per credit tuition reimbursement rates established effective January 1, 2018 are as follows:

Segregated Fees
Segregated Fees
Post undergraduate

These rates are in effect until a new addendum is approved by Cabinet.

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