Policy 46

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Space Management Policy & Procedures
Policy #46


This policy is intended to ensure the efficient and effective use of the university's room resources.


Athletic Facilities: Spaces that support the training and competition of student athletes.  These spaces are intended to include: fieldhouse, arena, indoor practice facilities, locker rooms, strength and conditioning centers, athletic trainer facilities, and other indoor competition spaces.

Computer Laboratory: A space with computers and computer technology used for instruction or for general computer technology access.

Department Services Area: Space given to a department or college for the purpose of conducting the business associated with the department or college.  These spaces are intended to include, reception areas, break areas, cubicles & work station pool areas, work areas, meeting rooms, storage rooms, copier and supply rooms that directly support the business of the department or college.

GPR: General Purpose Revenue.  Revenue provided to a university by the State for operational budget purposes.

General Purpose Classroom: A space, not affiliated with a specific department or college that is used primarily for instruction.

IT Room: A room that house equipment that supports the networking and telecommunication infrastructure of a building.

Instructional Science Laboratory: A space used for scientific instruction, research and experimentation.  These spaces are intended to include: wet laboratories, dry laboratories, and lab spaces for social sciences.

Mechanical Room: A room that houses equipment that supports the physical infrastructure of a building.  These spaces are intended to include pump rooms, electrical closets, fire alarm panel rooms, generator rooms, utility supply chases and tunnels and general machine rooms.

Meeting Room: A room or space used primarily for meetings or conferences.

Office: A space, general assigned to an individual, for the purpose of conducting their assigned work.

PR: Program Revenue.  Revenue generated through fees (Housing, Meal Plan, segregated fees, etc) to support the operational budget needs for those departments.

Research Science Laboratory: A space specifically used for scientific research and experimentation.  These spaces are typically assigned to a specific faculty member and not used for instruction.

Space Management Committee: A university committee consisting of representatives from university administration and the colleges that reviews, recommends and approves or rejects changes to space usage.

Storage Room: A room designed for storing items (promotional items, records, etc) related to the business purpose of a specific department or college.

Facilities Management will be responsible for creating and maintaining a space management information such as: room use, occupancy, square footage, physical arrangements, cable and telephone drops, and other pertinent information. 

Departments and colleges are responsible for the managing the specific use and occupancy of the spaces assigned to them.  Most general-purpose classrooms, instructional science laboratories, research science laboratories, offices and department service areas are assigned to departments and colleges and controlled by them.  Athletic facilities are assigned to the Athletics department.  Computer laboratories and IT rooms are assigned to the Campus Technology Services department.  All storage rooms, except those held in department service areas, and all mechanical rooms in primarily GPR-funded buildings are assigned to Facilities Management.  All storage and mechanical rooms in primarily PR-funded buildings are assigned to those PR-funded departments. 

General purpose classrooms and instructional science laboratories are controlled at the school level during the construction of course schedules. At the time of registration, control reverts to the Registrar, who may seek the most efficient use of space in light of actual enrollments and demands.

All changes to the physical layout, department or college assignment of a space or designated use of a space are to be submitted using the “Space Request Form” found on the Facilities Management webpage.  The Space Management Committee reviews and makes decisions on all space request forms. 


*Revised: Fall 2022

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