Policy 46

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Space Management Policy & Procedures
Policy #46


Space Management is responsible for the efficient use of the university's room resources. In order to monitor the use of offices, classrooms and other facilities on campus, the Campus Planner/Space Manager is responsible for review of all proposals for changes in the use of physical modernization of these facilities, and for recommendations, when appropriate, to the proper administrative authority. In cases where proposed changes affect one or more campus constituencies, the Campus Planner/Space Manager will inform potentially affected parties and will seek to achieve consensus on how the space will be used.

The Campus Planner/Space Manager will be responsible for creating and maintaining a space management database which will identify room use, occupants, square footage, physical arrangements, cable and telephone drops, and other pertinent information. The office of the space manager should be notified of all space/staff reassignments of offices, laboratories and service areas.


Broad categories of space use include classrooms, instructional and research laboratories, offices, support services areas and storage. Most general purpose classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices and department service areas are assigned to schools (departments) and controlled by them. General purpose classrooms and instructional laboratories are controlled at the school level during the construction of course schedules. At the time of registration, control reverts to the Registrar, who may seek the most efficient use of space in light of actual enrollments and demands.


Changes in space use

Proposals for changes in space use or for physical modifications to current space shall be sent in writing to the Campus Planner/Space Manager. Funding proposals or grant applications which include minor renovations, major renovations, or new building projects should be copied to the Campus Planner/Space Manager. He/she should also be informed when occupants of offices, labs and service areas change.

Approval process

The Campus Planner/Space Manager will acknowledge receipt of proposals for changes in space use. He/she will inform all other interested parties of the proposals, and, in cases where possible conflict might exist about the use of a particular space, will bring the interested parties together, including a representative from Physical Plant, to reach a consensus about the final disposition of disputed space. Where conflicts can't be resolved, the options will be reviewed, documented, and recommendations prepared by the Campus Planner/Space Manager and all options and recommendations presented for final disposition to the University Chancellor's Cabinet. Where no conflicts exist, the Campus Planner/Space Manager will review, with representation from Physical Plant, and make recommendations in writing about the proposals related to space use. If the proposer disagrees with the recommendation, the final disposition of the proposal will be made by the Chancellor's Cabinet.

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