Policy 56

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Institutional Publications and Off-Campus Printing
Policy #56


The Publications Office in the Division of University Relations is assigned the primary responsibility for the University's external publications. External publications include those used for recruitment of new students, those sent to the University's various constituents as a medium for communicating official University information, and those deemed "image" publications that further recognition and understanding of the University.

Because the University expects the highest level of quality in the design and printing of its external publications, these publications will be designed by the Publications Office or qualified professional designers.

Due to complex technical specifications involved with electronic graphic design and the level of printing and bindery capabilities required, these publications will be printed on the University's local class 7K printing contract, other state printing contracts or put out for bid where appropriate. Specifications requiring off-campus services include electronic image setting, photo/film manipulation and retouching, high-resolution digital photo scanning, lithoscoring, machine folding and cutting, machine saddle-stitching, embossing, die-cutting, film lamination, heatset color printing and web-fed printing.

The current list of external publications managed by the Publications Office is outlined below:

  • Admissions Viewbook
  • Admissions Preview Brochure
  • PERSPECTIVE magazine
  • University Catalog
  • Annual Report
  • Accent on Enrichment brochure (costs shared with University Activities and  Dramatic Arts)
  • Campus Directory (printed at no cost to the University)
  • Calendar of Events brochure (issued spring and fall)
  • MBA Program Guide and Recruitment Poster
  • Undergraduate Business Brochure
  • University Map/Fact Sheet Brochure
  • Report to Donors (costs shared with UW-Parkside Benevolent Foundation)
  • Laminated University Conference Folders
  • Adhesive Conference Badges
  • Embossed University Stationery (note cards and envelopes)
  • Commencement Programs
  • Scholarship Day Programs

The design and printing costs of these publications, except where noted otherwise, will be base budgeted in the Publications Office.

The Publications Office coordinates production and print management for all other publications requiring off-campus printing services. The secondary list of publications is not base budgeted in the Publications Office. This list includes publications requiring specialty printing or special technical specifications such as disk-to-film imagesetting:

  • Business Cards
  • Transcript stock, security paper and continuous forms
  • Course Schedules
  • Athletics team guides and schedules
  • Envelopes
  • Newsprint publications

Other specialty printing (film lamination, die-cutting, embossing, UV coating, varnishing, heatset web printing, security printing, etc.)

For the purpose of this policy, external publications do not include departmental fliers, informational program booklets, event-specific posters/brochures, or newsletters. The Publications Office issues a handbook outlining correct use of the University name and logo, but otherwise has no role in production of departmental publications. Departments needing assistance with design of fliers or other publications should contact Media Services. Printing will be handled by Duplicating Services.

It is in the University's interest to carefully limit which publications are deemed external, ensuring that those sent off campus for design/printing have broad benefits to the University. Therefore a process will be established to review requests for new external publications.

The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposed publications:

1) Will it be used for recruiting purposes? If so, the director of admissions will be consulted to determine if existing recruitment pieces are sufficient.

2) Is it an "image" publication to enhance public recognition of the University? If so, who is the intended audience and what are the goals of the publication?

3) Is it a one-time publication or will it become a standing publication reprinted on a regular basis?

Individuals/departments requesting the publication will fill out a questionnaire covering its intended use, intended audience, the number needed and the expected shelf life of the publication. The director of admissions will be asked to comment on all requests for new recruitment pieces.

The publications editor will couple this information with broad price figures and forward the information to The Chancellor's Cabinet and the chancellor, who will make a decision on whether to proceed, source of funding, etc.

Publications that are deemed of broad benefit to the University based on these criteria may be reviewed by The Chancellor's Cabinet and approved by the chancellor. New publications will be added to the external publications list in the following fiscal year. The Publications Office will handle all printing-related duties and will act as a liaison to obtain the services of qualified designers or professional writers.

Requests for new publications must be submitted to the Publications Office by Feb. 1 each year. Proposals will be evaluated after that time and sent to The Chancellor's Cabinet by March 1 each year. Those given approval will be produced in the following fiscal year.


*Revised: Fall 2022

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