Policy 68

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Policies for Outreach Courses
Policy #68


  1. Process for setting fees for Credit Courses greater than in-state tuition or joint/non-credit offerings.
    1. Non-credit courses:

      Tuition and fees for non-credit courses administered through the UW-Parkside Office of Professional and Continuing Education are determined by the development of an itemized budget for each individual course, workshop, or event, following the guidance of the University of the University of Wisconsin Extended Campus division. Tuition and fees for non-credit courses sponsored by faculty and/or departments will be submitted to the appropriate Dean for approval. The Professional and Continuing Education office is available for assistance in determining realistic tuition and fees for faculty and/or department non-credit courses.
    2. Credit courses:

      Ordinary, tuition and fees for credit outreach courses will be set at UW-Parkside campus In-state tuition/fee levels, with nonresident students applying for out-of-state tuition remission. The tuition collected for credit programs should cover services that would normally be covered through segregated fees.

      Under certain circumstances, such as for customized programs or courses, tuition may exceed the in-state level for credit courses. In such cases, tuition/fees outside of the current tuition/fee schedule should follow the use the service-based pricing guidelines and procedures model UW System Policy Sys 130.  All serviced based pricing options will be proposed to the Provost consideration and approval.
  2. Revenue Sharing Policies

    If net revenues from tuition and administrative fees are substantively in excess of program costs for non-credit or credit offerings, the excess revenue would be shared among the appropriate campus departments/offices based on prior negotiated and contractual agreements.


*Revised: Fall 2022

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