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Policy 70

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Naming of Facilities and Spaces
Policy #70

1.0 Purpose and Rationale

Tradition in higher education has established a practice of placing the names of distinguished individuals on facilities and spaces as a means of recognition for accomplishments, meritorious service, memorials, and benevolence. The University of Wisconsin-Parkside has named various facilities in honor of individuals who have played important roles in the development of the institution. Examples include: Greenquist Hall, Molinaro Hall, Tallent Hall, and Wyllie Hall. As well, there have been buildings and spaces named for benevolent contributions such as Petretti Fieldhouse, De Simone Gymnasium, Tenuta Hall, and the Ram Thukaren computer lab. As well, memorial spaces have been named such as the Wegner Theater and Oberbruner Field.

As the university has progressed and the list of requests has grown, a policy to guide decisions is needed to assure fair and equitable treatment of all individuals in considering facility and space naming designations. The university realizes that such a policy is necessary so as not to overshadow responsible actions with emotional or popular movement. In essence, careful consideration over an appropriate timeline is the goal to achieve sound decisions in naming of facilities and spaces.

2.0 Policy

2.1 Wisconsin Board of Regents

The University of Wisconsin Board of Regents policy is set forth in Regent Policy 96-1, "Naming or Dedicating of University Facilities" (Historical background: Resolution 7166 - adopted March 8, 1996 rescinding 90-1, Resolution 5415 - adopted February 2, 1990 rescinding 74-1, 80-1, and Resolution 5205 - adopted April 7, 1989). The policy reads:

That, upon the recommendation of the President of the University of Wisconsin System, Resolution 5415 (February 1, 1990), creating UW System naming or dedicating university facilities, be rescinded and the following new policy be adopted:

It is the preference of the Board to commemorate the contributions of individuals to academic excellence through the naming or dedication of scholarships, programs, professorships, and other similar actions. However, the Board recognizes that from time to time there may be a desire to name or dedicate some facilities or portions of university's buildings or grounds after a person. On those occasions, every such request that involves an entire building must be presented to the Board for formal approval. These requests are to be brought to the Physical Planning and Development Committee and the full Board of Regents for discussion in closed session at least one month prior to requesting formal Regent action.

If the request involves a living individual who has been formally associated with the University of Wisconsin System, or has held a paid public office, a waiting period is required unless a situation is presented where a gift stipulates the naming. Normally, at least five years must have elapsed from the time a person who has been formally associated with the University of Wisconsin System, or has held a paid public office, has terminated that association, or left the paid public office.

The Chancellor of each institution is authorized to name facilities when the naming involves less than an entire building, such as rooms, wings, or exterior amenities. This authorization is subject to the same limitations regarding waiting periods as those pertaining to entire buildings.

2.2 University of Wisconsin-Parkside

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside to name designated spaces and portions of facilities under the authorization permitted to the Chancellor of the institution by the official policy of the Wisconsin Board of Regents. All nominations shall be directed to the Chancellor of the university. The Chancellor shall refer such nominations to the Chancellor's Cabinet for discussion and recommended action. Upon the Chancellor's Cabinet's recommendation, the Chancellor is responsible for making the decision to designate appropriate recognition for a named space or portion of a facility. If necessary, the Board of Regents will be consulted.

2.2.1 Eligible Individuals

The following categories of individuals are eligible to be recognized through named facilities and spaces at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside: Faculty, Academic Staff, Classified Staff, Administrators, Alumni, Business and Industrial leaders, Community leaders, Regional and State leaders, National leaders, State of Wisconsin officials (elected, appointed or employed), and financial contributors.

An individual becomes eligible upon approval of the Chancellor of the university in concurrence with the Chancellor's Cabinet's recommendation. The Chancellor in cases of retirements or a memorial request may designate a waiting period. Although there is no written Board of Regents policy of restriction, it has been the general practice of the Board of Regents not to name buildings for living individuals where a financial contribution is not a stipulation for the space naming.

2.2.2 Eligibility for Naming of Facilities or Spaces

Examples of facilities which may be named for individuals include: a complete building, a wing or portion of a building, laboratory, foyer, outside area, food service area, park, sculpture or other pieces of art, walkway, trees, pool or fountain, recreation facility, lounge, reading room, classroom, complex of related classrooms or offices, conference or meeting room, library of a building or department, auditorium, an area of the campus, gallery, or theater.

2.2.3 Qualifications of Individuals Nominated

Nominations for facility and spaces naming designation shall be evaluated on a variety of criteria, including the following:

  • Exceptional service to the University
  • Exceptional service to UW-Parkside faculty and staff
  • Exceptional service to students
  • Exceptional service to professional organizations
  • Exceptional service to the community
  • Leadership positions
  • Outstanding career accomplishments
  • Significant financial contributions or bequests as per recommendation by the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Benevolent Foundation Board of Directors

2.2.4 Nominations

Any individual or group may nominate a person for naming of a facility or space. Nominations should be directed to the Chancellor.

2.2.5 Procedures for Change or Removal of a Facility or Space Name

Despite the care and consideration given to naming a facility or space, circumstances may suggest that a name designation be considered for change. If the functions with a facility change, making it's name no longer appropriate or desired by the family of the individual recognized, special consideration should be given to moving the name to a suitable space in the same building or to another building. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to relocate a named space due to construction or other unforeseen needs. Should this occur, reasonable efforts will be made to relocate and/or rename a similar space elsewhere on campus. In cases where a naming right has been designated via irrevocable agreement, and an unfulfilled financial pledge as per original agreement is in evidence, the individual's name shall be removed from the facility or space unless the Chancellor upon request of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Benevolent Foundation Board of Directors approves a redrawn timeline for contribution. Actions of the aforementioned possibilities are to be recommended to the Chancellor. Upon the Chancellor's decision, and if necessary, consultation with the Board of Regents, actions of name change, redirection or removal of the individual's name shall be enacted.

The above policy for Facility and Space Naming At the University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Was approved on September 18, 2002

John P. Keating

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