Policy 78

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
UW System Grant Carryover Policy
Policy #78

UW-System Applied Research Grant Award letters from the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs include the following statement: Any award funds not spent or encumbered by June 30, (of the year received) will lapse. However, the Associate Vice President will consider requests for carrying over funds.
The UW-Parkside policy for requesting UW-System Grant funds to be carried over:
1) A formal request to carryover unspent funds must be submitted by the grant recipient to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, UW-System Administration (currently Ronald Singer). This request should include a justification for carrying over the funds and a description of what the funds will be used for. This request can be submitted by either a memo or by e-mail. This request should be made early in the spring semester so that if the request is denied, the grant funds can be spent by June 30 of that year. A copy of this formal request should be sent to the appropriate supervisor at UW-Parkside (determined by the coding of the grant). For faculty/staff, the copy should usually go to the appropriate Dean's office, UW-Parkside.
2) If the request is approved by the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, the grant recipient should then send a request for carryover along with the approval from UW-System to the UW-Parkside supervisor. This request should be submitted no later than May 31 of the year the grant was received.
3) UW-System carryover requests will be given early consideration by UW-Parkside administrators.
4) Carryover for a particular UW-System grant will only be considered for one year after the award was received.

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