Policy 87


Administrative Policy 87:
Access and Key Control
Issued: 8/12/2012 Reference:
Institution Approval:
Chancellor's Cabinet 8/12/12
      University Police & Public Safety
Facilities Management
Residence Life
Risk Management
Student Center
Sports & Activity Center
Maintained By:
      University Police & Public

87.01 Background

UW-Parkside considers the safety and security of its faculty, staff, students, visitors, and property to be of paramount importance and believes that access and key control is an important component of a comprehensive security program. This policy defines the control, use, and possession of access and keys to university facilities. All university IDs, camp and conference cards, and keys are the property of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

This policy provides security for the University with control of the issuance and accountability of all access and keys to University facilities. Residence Life, Student Center, and Sports & Activity Center may have their own internal access and key control policies.

87.02 General Building Access

Each university building is unlocked prior to the beginning of each business day and locked following the completion of the business day activities. The schedule for securing buildings varies according to the activities occurring in the building . The responsibility for locking and unlocking buildings is shared (depending on location) by Police & Public Safety and the staff of a specific building . For details on building hours, see the Administrative policy titled, "Hours of Operation".

Police & Public Safety personnel are not authorized to unlock doors for individuals unless it is the office or area assigned to them, an area they are responsible for, or the request has been approved by their supervisor.

Faculty and staff may use their offices or areas of responsibility at any time if authorized by their supervisor.

If a student needs access to a lab, classroom, or building after-hours, the student must obtain a building pass signed by the department chair, faculty member, or staff member responsible for that area. All information on the building pass must be complete, and the student must also present a valid picture ID. Departments may obtain after-hours building passes from Police & Public Safety.

Only Police or Public Safety officers may admit students to a building after hours. Students working in a building after hours are prohibited from giving access to others. Students violating this policy will have their after-hours privileges revoked.

87.03 Electronic Access

Faculty, staff and students may be allowed electronic access to areas as approved by the department head in charge of that area. Electronic access will be logged and audited on a regular basis.

If an individual needs access to a room or area they must contact the department in charge of that space. Below is a list of departments to contact regarding access questions. Once approved by the department head in charge of the area and received by Police & Public Safety, a request for access will be processed.


Academic Buildings Police & Public Safety
Student Center Director of the Student Center
Residence Life Director of Residence Life
Sports and Activity Center Athletic Director

Individuals encountering problems gaining access to areas controlled by electronic card readers should first contact the department responsible for electronic access to the area . For all other issues, contact is made to the Help Desk at x2444 or email servicedesk@uwp.edu. If it is after hours and immediate access is needed to an area that you have permission to be in, you may call Police & Public Safety at x2455.

If you encounter problems using your ID card, please try the following tips:

  • If you have been recently issued a new ID card, or since the last time you accessed the room, your new number may not have been entered. If this is the case, notify the department responsible for electronic access in that area.
  • Try placing a piece of scotch tape across the card reader strip, then peel it off and retry the card.
  • If your card still does not work, contact the department responsible for electronic access in that area. See above for a list of areas and departments responsible for resolving problems with your access.

87.04 Key Control

Deans and Directors are responsible for key authorization and control in their respective areas. Audits of keys issued will be conducted on an as-needed basis and coordinated by Police & Public Safety in cooperation with the applicable department.

It is recommended that employees leave their key ring at work and carry a minimum of one or two keys on their person after regular work hours. This pertains to custodians, maintenance, public safety, or others who carry keys that allow access beyond their office or work area. Unless authorized, a key is to be used only by the individual to whom it is issued.

Report all lost or stolen keys to Police & Public Safety and the Dean or Director within 24 hours. A replacement key may be obtained by completing a new key request.

To maintain security, departments may be required to pay the cost of re-keying or re-coring when staff or students fail to return their keys or lose keys.

When lost, stolen or unreturned keys are reported, the Director of Police & Public Safety may convene a meeting with the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, Director of Facilities Management, and the Dean or Director of the area to determine the need to re-key or re-core the area affected and establish cost recovery.

Found keys are to be turned into Police & Public Safety.

Duplication or unauthorized use or possession of University keys is illegal. Use of such keys may be considered burglary and/or trespassing per UWS 18.08 (6).


  1. No person may ignore,- bypass, circumvent, damage, interfere with, or attempt to deceive by fraudulent means, any university authorized security measure or monitoring device, whether temporary or permanent, that is intended to prevent or limit access to, or enhance the security of, university lands, events, facilities or portions thereof.
  2. No person may duplicate, falsify or fraudulently obtain a university key or access control device, or make any unauthorized attempt to accomplish the same.
  3. No person who is authorized to possess a university key or access control device may transfer a university key or access control device to an unauthorized person, nor may any unauthorized person be in possession of a university key or access control device.
  4. Any university key or access control device in the possession of an unauthorized person may be confiscated by any authorized university official.

87.05 Policy Review

The Director of University Police & Public Safety will coordinate an annual review of this policy. Recommendations for changes will be forwarded to the Chancellor's Cabinet for approval no later than
March 1.






How Do I Request A Key?

Contact the Dean, Director, or key coordinator in your area to submit an electronic Key Request. The Deans, Directors, and key coordinators are the only approved key requestors on campus.

Authorized key requestors should go here to request a key. Completely fill out the form and click the submit button. This will route the form to the approving authority.

The Dean, Director or key coordinators will receive the routed key request as an email. They should click the link in the email. If they approve the request, they should click "approve" and the email will be forwarded to Police & Public Safety for processing . If the request is denied, it will be routed back to the requestor with the reason for denial.

Requests submitted by unauthorized key requestors will not be processed.

Who Approves Key Requests?

The Dean, Director, or key coordinator who has the authority over the room or area must approve the request. If you are unsure as to who may approve your request call Police & Public Safety at x2493 or email keyrequest@uwp.edu.

Where Do I Pick Up My Key?

When keys are ready to be picked up, Police & Public Safety will notify the key holder by email.

Keys must be picked up in person by the key holder at the Police & Public Safety office. The office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key issuance will require identification and key holder signature. When keys are issued, individuals possessing the issued keys and the individual's department assume the responsibility for the safekeeping and eventual return of University keys.

How Do Students Get Keys?

The department responsible for the specific classroom, lab, office, or area will issue keys to students, and collect keys from students. Students will not be issued keys directly from Police & Public Safety.

Keys issued to students should be maintained in a Department Key Box.

Students who fail to return keys will have a financial hold placed on their SOLAR account until all keys are returned or the cost to re-key all affected rooms is recovered.

How Do I Request A Department Key Box?

Departments may establish a key box in order to maintain extra keys for the purpose of temporary checkout of a key for offices or areas under the department's control, or to issue to students. Key boxes must be kept locked, and access controlled. It is important to maintain accountability for these keys. A log must be kept identifying when keys are checked out and by whom, and when they are returned.

Call Police & Public Safety at 2493 or email keyrequest@uwp.edu if you are interested in establishing a Department Key Box.

Where Do I Return My Key If I Am Leaving Employment Or Transferring Departments?

When faculty or staff leave employment, transfer departments, or no longer need access, they must turn their keys into Police & Public Safety. It is the responsibility of the Dean, Director, or key coordinator to contact Police & Public Safety any time an employee is transferring or leaving to ensure the transfer of keys to Police & Public Safety. Departments will not be charged a fee to order keys that are already in stock at Police & Public Safety.

The College or Department shall be responsible for any costs associated with re-keying or re-coring due to keys not being turned into Police & Public Safety.

If students fail to return keys the department may place a financial hold on their SOLAR account until all keys are returned or the cost to re-key or re-core all affected rooms is recovered.

This section does not apply to Residence Life and the Student Center. These departments have internal policies regarding the keys assigned to employees who are leaving employment or transferring departments.

Contractors and Outside Service Personnel

Requests for keys shall be made using the CONTRACTOR KEY REQUEST FORM. The contractor must abide by the Contractor Key Agreement stated on the form. Contractor representatives must provide photo ID and company ID before being issued requested key(s). All keys must be personally signed for by the contractor's representative to whom the keys are issued.

All keys must be returned to Police & Public Safety at the conclusion of the project. Contractors are responsible for any costs associated with re-keying or re-coring due to lost keys or failing to return keys at the conclusion of a project.

Police & Public Safety will be responsible for contractor key issuance, collection and record keeping.






For the academic complex, key issuance is limited to each category as follows:

  • Grand Master Key - Administration, Police.
  • Building Sub-Master Key - Determined by the Dean or Director.
  • Building entrance door key - Administration, Police.
  • Individual Key - Determined by the Dean or Director.

Key use designations:

  • Grand Master Keys - Will open all academic buildings and rooms.
  • Building Sub-Master Keys - Will open an assigned group of rooms, such as a suite of offices or rooms assigned to a specific department, or use.
  • Building entrance door key - Will open all academic complex entrance doors.
  • Individual Keys - Will open a single room or a few related rooms as designated by Deans or Directors.



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