Policy 87

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Access and Key Control
Policy #87


UW-Parkside considers the safety and security of its faculty, staff, students, visitors, and property to be of paramount importance and believes that access and key control is an important component of a comprehensive security program. This policy defines the control, use, and possession of access and keys to university facilities. All university IDs, camp and conference cards, and keys are the property of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

This policy provides security for the University with control of the issuance and accountability of all access and keys to University facilities. Residence Life, Student Center, and Sports & Activity Center may have their own internal access and key control policies.

General Building Access
The responsibility for locking and unlocking buildings is shared (depending on location) by Police & Public Safety and the staff of a specific building.  Police & Public Safety personnel are not authorized to unlock doors for individuals unless it is the office or area assigned to them, an area they are responsible for, or the request has been approved by their supervisor.

Faculty and staff may use their offices or areas of responsibility at any time if authorized by their supervisor.

If a student needs access to a lab, classroom, or building after-hours, the student must obtain a building pass signed by the department chair, faculty member, or staff member responsible for that area. All information on the building pass must be complete, and the student must also present a valid picture ID. Departments may obtain after-hours building passes from Police & Public Safety.

Only Police or Public Safety officers may admit students to a building after hours. Students working in a building after hours are prohibited from giving access to others. Students violating this policy will have their after-hours privileges revoked.

Electronic Access

Faculty, staff and students may be allowed electronic access to areas as approved by the department head in charge of that area. Electronic access will be logged and audited on a regular basis.

Below is a list of departments to contact regarding access questions.

Academic Buildings Police & Public Safety
Student Center Director of the Student Center
Residence Life Director of Residence Life
Sports and Activity Center Athletic Director


Key Control
All keys issued to employees shall be obtained by completing a key request.

Deans and Directors are responsible for key authorization and control in their respective areas.  When faculty or staff leave employment, transfer departments, or no longer need access, they must turn their keys into Police & Public Safety. 

Report all lost or stolen keys to Police & Public Safety and the Dean or Director within 24 hours.  Colleges and departments may be required to pay the cost of re-keying or re-coring in the event keys are lost or not returned.

Found keys are to be turned into Police & Public Safety.

Duplication or unauthorized use or possession of University keys is illegal. Use of such keys may be considered burglary and/or trespassing per UWS 18.08 (6).

Police & Public Safety will be responsible for contractor key issuance, collection and record keeping.

Audits of keys issued will be conducted on an as-needed basis and coordinated by Police & Public Safety in cooperation with the applicable department.


For the academic complex, key issuance is limited to each category as follows:

  • Grand Master Key - Administration, Police.
  • Building Sub-Master Key - Determined by the Dean or Director.
  • Building entrance door key - Administration, Police.
  • Individual Key - Determined by the Dean or Director.

Key use designations:

  • Grand Master Keys - Will open all academic buildings and rooms.
  • Building Sub-Master Keys - Will open an assigned group of rooms, such as a suite of offices or rooms assigned to a specific department, or use.
  • Building entrance door key - Will open all academic complex entrance doors.
  • Individual Keys - Will open a single room or a few related rooms as designated by Deans or Directors.


*Revised: Fall 2012, Fall 2022

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