Nikayla Adams

Major: Pre-Medicine
Expected Graduation Date: May, 2022

A highly-motivated student, Nikayla Adams, gained inspiration to pursue her bachelor’s degree thanks to her family. Nikayla’s aunt raised her and her siblings while still completing her own education. Following in their aunt’s footsteps, both of her sisters also attended and graduated from college, paving the way for Nikayla.

After graduating from high school, Nikayla’s family strongly encouraged her to pursue her dream of attending college. She ultimately decided to enroll at UW-Parkside for its valuable and affordable pre-health program. Another draw to UW-Parkside was the small class sizes because she was able to interact with people and learn beyond the textbooks.

“The student body may seem small but it is big. My advice is to get involved to experience it.” – Nikayla Adams

Inspired by her aunt’s caring nature while raising her and her siblings, Nikayla was in search of a major that would allow her to give back to serve people and demonstrate her own desire to help others. Ultimately she landed on the medical field and is currently deciding between pre-medicine and nursing as her major. She’s looking forward to connecting with patients and understands that her positive personality will play an important role to help people get better.


Nikayla’s first year at UW-Parkside has been filled with growth. The Parkside environment allows Nikayla to engage within the community through various opportunities such as becoming an orientation leader, joining the Black Student Union, Christian Organization, and in the fall she will be a Campus Ambassador.

Her dedication to serve the community is noticeable. She strongly believes in getting involved on campus will help her give back to the community. Her community service experience has also played an essential role in her personal development as well.


The leap from high school to college could have been more challenging to adjust to, not only within a new environment but also financing her education. She is appreciative to receive a UW-Parkside scholarship which helped her to cover the expense of her books. Her scholarship also helped her focus better in her classes and extra-curricular activities instead of having to work long hours off campus.

UW-Parkside and scholarships are helping Nikayla get one step closer to her goals – being a doctor or nurse and earning her college degree. Through her experiences on campus and in the community, she understands the value of hard-work and giving back to others. Nikayla is excited to continue her journey at UW-Parkside and pursue her dreams after graduating in 2022!

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