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RangerVision: Bigger Vision, Brighter Future is a facility and fundraising campaign which has been developed to transform the athletics and recreation facilities at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.

It has been more than a year since RangerVision 2020 was publicly launched in early March 2020 in conjunction with Parkside Day activities. We announced the $5 million facility and fundraising campaign, the largest in Parkside Athletics history, with incredible optimism and palpable excitement for the transformational projects included in our vision.

While the past 18 months have certainly not gone as planned for any of us, we’re extremely grateful for the generous support our campaign has received and the significant progress we have accomplished. We have received support from nearly 200 donors and our RangerVision 2020 Community Champions, including HARIBO of America, Educators Credit Union, Bear Real Estate Group, Festival Foods, Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Vonco Products, BMO Harris, Gateway Mortgage Corporation, and the UW-Parkside Foundation.

As we celebrate a year of perseverance, inspiring support and significant progress, and as we enter the final months of the campaign, I am excited to share with our Parkside community the below updates on the projects.

De Simone Gymnasium Enhancement

Rick Kilps Center

Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center

Naming opportunities are available in all aspects of the RangerVision 2020 campaign for individual and corporate philanthropic giving. Additionally, sponsorship and marketing opportunities exist for corporate partnerships. Please contact Director of Athletics, Andrew Gavin, (gavin@uwp.edu / 262-595-2485) for more information.

To support the RangerVision 2020 campaign, give online below or download our gift form, enclose a check payable to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Foundation, and mail to: Parkside Athletics, Attn: Andrew Gavin, 900 Wood Road, Kenosha, WI 53143.

“Since UW-Parkside was founded more than 50 years ago, Ranger Athletics has been a key connector between the University and the community. As the University grows, so does the need for enhanced athletic facilities which enable us to offer more opportunities for students, student-athletes, and area residents. I’m so proud of what Andrew Gavin and his team have accomplished in the past few years. RangerVision 2020 will continue this great work.” - UW-Parkside Chancellor Debbie Ford

"Our vision for Parkside Athletics and our University is rooted in positivity, progress, and pride. The RangerVision 2020 campaign sets the stage for us to make transformational progress, create new sources of Parkside pride, and to positively impact our campus and our community more than ever." - Andrew Gavin, Director of Athletics

"Ranger athletics has had a rich history of quality athletes with much personal and/or team success. In my opinion, an area that has not kept-up with the continued quality of the athletes attending UWP has been various aspects of the facilities. It is great to hear that hopefully soon that many of the facilities will match the high standard and quality of the student-athletes attending UWP." - Steve "Rocky" Donovan '89, UW-Parkside Foundation Board Member and Men’s Soccer Alum

• Sports & Activity Center: $5 Million
Turf Field: SOLD
• Strength Center: $500,000
• Alfred and Bernice De Simone Gym
 + Competition Court: SOLD
 + Practice Courts: $75,000
 + VIP Seatings Areas: SOLD
 + Chairback Seats: $1,000
• Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center
 + Simulator #1: SOLD
 + Simulator #2: SOLD
 + Putting Green: SOLD
 + Individual Hitting Bays: SOLD
• Athletic Training Room: $75,000
• Locker Rooms (9 available): $50,000
• Athletics/HESM Lobby: $25,000
• Director of Athletics Office: SOLD
• Head Coaches Office: $10,000
• Individual Lockers: $1,000


Give to RangerVision 2020

Thank you for your support to secure a brighter future for student-athletes, the Parkside Athletics program, and our community.

De Simone Gymnasium Enhancement

Bear Club and ECU Suite

This coming summer, Alfred and Bernice De Simone Gymnasium will undergo an incredible enhancement project, turning a dated gymnasium into an incredible college atmosphere. Thanks in large part to multi-year partnerships with HARIBO of America, Educators Credit Union Suite, and Bear Real Estate Group, the project has remained on schedule.

At the forefront of the De Simone Gym Enhancement plan is a complete reconstruction of the bleachers on both the north and south sides. New bleachers would include differentiated seating sections, premium chairback seats, and designated sections for visitors and students. The project will also create first-class VIP seating areas on two levels on the west side of the gym and add state-of-the-art video boards and scorers tables.

Enhancing De Simone Gymnasium will ensure that the historic facility remains the proud home of Parkside Athletics and UW-Parkside for decades to come! With new bleachers, the creation of VIP seating areas, and the addition of video boards and digital scorers’ tables, De Simone Gymnasium will provide a unique backdrop and high-level atmosphere for sporting events, commencement ceremonies, and other community and campus events!

As the Rangers continue to #DefendTheDen for years to come, the new and improved De Simone Gymnasium will offer a homecourt advantage, preserving an intimate atmosphere with the modern look and feel of seating and technology. Our student-athletes, fans, and visitors alike will love their experiences in De Simone Gymnasium!

The enhancements to De Simone Gymnasium are expected to cost approximately $1 million, and the project will be funded through corporate and individual donations in addition to University contributions. With a 10-year partnership with HARIBO serving as a catalyst, more than $500,000 has been generated in support of this project! Parkside Athletics has a fundraising goal of $500,000 to be raised during the RangerVision 2020 campaign to support the De Simone Gymnasium Enhancement. With the generous support of alumni, supporters, friends, and family of Parkside Athletics, the vision will become a reality! Additionally, we look forward to identifying business and community partners that are interested in supporting the success of this project!

We are still working hard to raise the additional funds necessary to finish off the project with elements that will ensure De Simone’s atmosphere is one of the nation’s best, including new video boards and scorer’s tables. We appreciate any alumni, supporter, or business partner that can help us reach our goals! If you are interested in the De Simone Gym Enhancement and would like to discuss more about the project and how you can be involved in supporting the transformational RangerVision 2020 campaign, please contact Director of Athletics, Andrew Gavin (gavin@uwp.edu / 262.515.5683).

“The atmosphere that will be created in De Simone Gymnasium with the completion of RangerVision 2020 will be incredible! De Simone has always provided a homecourt advantage for Parkside Basketball, and it will continue to for years!” - Luke Reigel, Head Men's Basketball Coach

“Our volleyball student-athletes will love practice and competing in the enhanced De Simone Gymnasium! In addition to providing a high-level atmosphere for matches, De Simone will become a crown jewel for recruiting future Rangers!” - Leigh Barea, Head Volleyball Coach

9.25.21 Dedication

One of the most transformational aspects of RangerVision 2020, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and Parkside Athletics are excited to create the Rick Kilps Center in the Sports & Activity Center. The project will repurpose the pool space on the north side of the SAC, providing a first-class venue for Parkside Athletics, campus, and community use.

On Sept. 25, 2021 at 5:30 p.m., Parkside Athletics held a ceremony to officially name the new multipurpose indoor turf center as the Rick Kilps Center. Kilps is a 1975 Parkside graduate that served the University for more than 25 years in various roles, most notably as the head men's soccer coach.

Rick Kilps, a member of Parkside Hall of Fame, amassed 363 victories over 27 years as the leader of the Parkside men's soccer program. That success ranked him fifth in all-time victories among men's soccer coaches in the history of NCAA Division II at the time of his retiring.

Kilps' program established a standard for success throughout his career. His teams were nationally ranked in 24 out of his 27 years as head coach; climbing as high as #1 in the country in 1994. The Rangers reached the final four of the Great Lakes Valley Conference Tournament ten times while claiming the 2000 GLVC Championship.

He was a six-time NAIA District Coach of the Year and three-time Area Coach of the Year while also receiving two NCAA Regional Coach of the Year awards. Prior to his induction at UW-Parkside he was enshrined in the Wisconsin Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame and the Wisconsin Soccer Association Hall of Fame.

Kilps' mentored 85 National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) All-Region recipients and 41 All-Americans at UW-Parkside. Prior to Parkside's transition to NCAA Division II he guided 47 NAIA all-district players. He's had 18 players drafted or sign contracts after their careers have ended with 13 going on to play professionally.

A grand total of 119 GLVC all-academic awards were bestowed on Kilps' players after joining the league. Five of those players earned NSCAA Regional All-Academic Team awards and three took home the GLVC's Academic Player of the Year Award. The team won 12 awards for Academic Excellence from the NSCAA over his last 15 years by achieving the necessary 3.0 team grade point average.

Kilps also was instrumental in the development of the Wood Road Field soccer complex on the east side of campus. He worked as the school's head trainer from 1984-1998 while also serving as an associate professor of education.

The creation of the Rick Kilps Center will be an immediate gamechanger for Parkside Athletics, specifically providing a state-of-the-art practice facility for baseball, softball, men’s soccer, and women’s soccer. These student-athletes, who regularly feel the adverse effects of the Wisconsin winters and are routinely forced off campus for practice, will have a training center just steps from their locker rooms. Additionally, each and every Parkside student-athlete will benefit from strength and conditioning workouts and rehabilitation space in the turf center.

With the ability to meet the anticipated demand of other campus and community needs, the Rick Kilps Center is expected to become the highest traffic athletics facility at UW-Parkside. Campus recreation and intramurals will add opportunities for the general student body, faculty and staff. Available for rent to youth clubs and teams, special events, and community groups, the turf center will become another facility to drive thousands of visitors of all ages to campus.

A state-funded $1.5 million project to fill in the pool is in its final weeks, the first major steps to creating a 6,300-square foot turf facility. We are working hard to raise the additional funds to develop the turf facility. Finishes to the space - including batting and pitching cages, portable soccer goals, wall padding, divider curtains, and custom netting - will create the flexibility for multipurpose and simultaneous use by differing users.

In early March 2021, the Turf Center Challenge was launched to help reach the projects fundraising goals. The challenge pit the four programs that will frequently use the facility for practice – men's soccer, women's soccer, baseball, and softball – against each other to see who can generate the most support. The men's soccer program had the most donors support the project during the challenge on Parkside Day!

The Turf Center Challenge genterated over $75,000 in gifts leading into Parkside Day. Parkside Athletics is thankful to all the alumni, parents, friends of the university, students, and Parkside Athletics Corporate Partners who helped move the needle on this project. As this project nears the finish line, we are still raising funds to complete the state-of-the-are facility. Donors, alumni, and business partners can assist us with the finishes to the space, including batting cages, wall padding, custom netting, and divider curtains.  

Time Lapse Video - Rick Kilps Center Rennovation

Time Lapse Video - Rick Kilps Center Paint Job

Gifts and pledges to the project of $1,000 or higher can be paid out over up to three years. There are a number of specific naming opportunities available for donors and business partners to support the project while gaining recognition and visibility in the facility. If you are interested in the turf center and would like to discuss more about the project and how you can be involved in supporting the transformational RangerVision 2020 campaign, please contact Director of Athletics, Andrew Gavin (gavin@uwp.edu / 262.515.5683).

“The Rick Kilps Center will be an absolute game changer for Parkside Men’s Soccer! From recruiting to player development, having a state-of-the-art turf facility will make a positive impact on our program and the student-athlete experience!" - Jason Zitzke '99, Head Men's Soccer Coach


“With the creation of a multipurpose indoor turf center right down the hall from our locker room, Parkside softball will have an incredible asset for practice and getting ready to take the field each spring! I can’t wait to get to work with our current and future Rangers!” - Kristin Ortman, Head Softball Coach

Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center

9.28.21 Image of Mark Olsen Golf Center

As an important part of RangerVision 2020, Parkside Athletics is excited to generate donations in support of the construction of the Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center at UW-Parkside. The facility on the second floor of the Sports & Activity Center will create a state-of-the-art indoor golf practice facility with simulators, hitting bays, and putting green.

The golf center will be named the Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center, in honor of the career, accomplishments, and generosity of longtime head men’s golf coach Mark Olsen. After 18 seasons at the helm of the program, Olsen stepped away as head coach at the conclusion of the 2019 season when Parkside made the position full-time. Olsen, who remains a volunteer assistant coach, has always given his time, talent, and treasure in support of Parkside and its studentathletes.

This donor funded project has been turfed, both Foresight Golf Simulators with GCQuad Launch Monitors have been installed, and the putting green has been installed. With these additions, the facility will allow up to 10 athletes to be practicing at one time utilitzing the simulators, the putting green, and the hitting bays at one time! This capability has given the program a tremendous advantage and will create a great space in the future to host all the donors and alumni who helped make this vision a reality.

The facility has already become a crown jewel for not only the men’s golf program, but for Parkside Athletics, the University, and the community. Parkside looks forward to partnering with the campus and Southeastern Wisconsin communities to make the facility available to additional golfers and users. The Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center will become an undeniable asset for Parkside Golf, our campus, and our community!

The creation of the Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center is estimated to cost approximately $200,000. This project is scheduled to be completely funded thanks to the generous donations of alumni, friends and family of Parkside Golf, and community supporters. 

At the beginning of January 2021, Gateway Mortgage and Parkside Athletics announced the Gateway Mortgage $25K for $25K Golf Center Challenge. In alignment with RangerVision 2020, Gateway Mortgage matched the $25,000 raised for the Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center during the month of January. Thanks to the generous gifts of more than 50 donors, the challenge was completed and $50,000 was raised for the Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center to make it a usable facility for our Golf program and our community!

The Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center has become a pivotal facility not only to train our golfers, but also for recruiting the top golfers in the nation. Now that we have a usable space for the athletes, there are still opportunities for our Golf program supporters to set this facility apart from other facilities. The final $20,000 will add a Players Clubhouse for the student-athletes, branding throughout the facility, a new sound system, and other items will be completed to attract the best of the best!

Men's Golf Video - Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center

Gifts and pledges to the project of $1,000 or higher can be paid out over multiple years. There are specific naming opportunities below outlining ways for donors and business partnerships to gain recognition and visibility in the facility.

If you would like to discuss more about the project and how you can be involved in helping Parkside create the first-class Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center, please contact Director of Athletics, Andrew Gavin (gavin@uwp.edu / 262.515.5683).

Players Clubhouse: $15,000 

Golf Simulator #1SOLD

Golf Simulator #2SOLD

Putting GreenSOLD

Hitting BaySOLD

Putting Green hole flag (Limited number available): $2,500 

Men’s Golf Individual Locker: $1,000 

“The creation of the Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center will be transformational for our program. It is an incredible opportunity not only to honor the legacy of Coach Olsen, but to also impact our program’s ability to recruit, develop, mentor, and graduate high-character and high-performing young men on and off the course.” - Tyler Wollberg, Head Men's Golf Coach

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