Study Buddies

The Study Buddy tool helps you find students in your class sections who are interested in studying together outside of class, and is available on the Navigate app or desktop!

step 1

Click on the green “Study Buddies” icon to find your study buddies!

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Step 2

Check your class sessions and see how many buddies have signed up for your class sections.

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Confirm to join the group and share your email address with other students.

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Get connected! Look for study partners by directly emailing them!

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You can leave the group at any time. Just click the "Leave Group" button whenever you no longer want to be in that group.

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Navigate Parkside

Navigate Parkside is a free app that puts all your academic stuff in one place: advising appointments, class schedule, study buddies, to-do lists, resources, and more.

Meet our team of advisors.

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