UWP-University-Wide Courses

Office of the Provost

University-wide courses are interdisciplinary courses designed to address a variety of topics.  These courses are generally open to all students, however, students should consult with their academic advisor.

Courses University-Wide (UWP)


Freshman Seminar
Prereq: None. Freq: Fall, Spring.
Provides undecided/undeclared students an overview of many topics related to successful academic careers at UW-Parkside. Includes instruction on study skills, test taking strategies, an overview of student services provides on campus and how to effectively use them, and specific information on majors, colleges, and career/educational planning.

1 cr

Career Development and Practicum
Prereq: Consent of instructor. Freq: Fall, Spring.
Develops a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on career development and planning. Integrates academic studies with professional work experience in an internship or experiential opportunity.

1-2 cr
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