Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions

High-quality tutoring isn't the only benefit of the Parkside Academic Resource Center. We also partner with faculty to connect you with qualified Supplemental Instruction Leaders for these specific courses. 


Peter Tagalakis headshot

Peter Tagalakis


Email Peter 

BIOS 101 – Section 1 | Bioscience
Class: MW | 2-3:22 PM
Professor Pham

SI Sessions | MOLN L112 & L114
MON: 1-2 PM (MOLN L112)
WED: 12-1 PM (MOLN L114)

Kia Mohanram

Kia Mohanram


Email Kia


BIOS 101 – Section 2 | Bioscience
Class: TR 12:30-1:52 pm
Professor Harris

SI Sessions | MOLN L114
TUE: 2-3 PM
FRI: 11 AM-12 PM

Rachael Forsythe headshot

Rachael Forsythe

Organismal Biology

Email Rachael


BIOS 102 – Section 1 |  Organismal Biology
Class: TR | 12:30–1:52 PM
Professor Taft

SI Sessions | MOLN L112
MON: 10-11 AM
WED: 12-1 PM

Shannon Mulligan headshot

Shannon Mulligan

Organismal Biology

Email Shannon

BIOS 102 – Section 2 | Organismal Biology
Class: MW | 2-3:22 PM
Professor Mossman

SI Sessions | MOLN L112
MON: 4-5 PM
WED: 4-5 PM



Joohnathan Bedolla headshot

Johnathan Bedolla

General Chemistry I

Email Jonathan

CHEM 101 – Section 1 | General Chemistry 1
Class: TR | 5-6:57 PM
Professor Clements

SI Sessions | MOLN L112
WED: 11 AM-12 PM 
FRI: 12-1 PM


Fahad Aziz

General Chemistry II

Email Fahad


CHEM 102 – Section 1 | General Chemistry II
Class: MTWR | 11–11:53 AM
Professor Ray

SI Sessions | MOLN L149
MON 1-2 PM
TUE 12-1 PM

Elise Zevitz headshot

Elise Zevitz

Organic Chemistry I

Email Elise


CHEM 321 – Section 1 | Organic Chemistry I  
Class: MW 5-6:57 pm
Professor Batcheller

SI Sessions | GRNQ L101 
MON 4-5 PM 
WED 4-5 PM

Elise Zevitz headshot

Elise Zevitz

Organic Chemistry II

Email Elise

CHEM 322 – Section 1 | Organic Chemistry II
Class: MWF | 9-9:53 pm
Professor Dhimitruka

SI Sessions MOLN L142
MON: 11 AM-12 PM
FRI: 12-1 PM


Peter Kveton

Peter Kveton

Scientific Programming

Email Peter

PHYS 241 – Section 1 | Scientific Programming
Class: M | 2-4:50 PM
Professor Parker

SI Sessions GRNQ D134
TUE: 11 AM-12 PM
THU: 2-3 PM

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