Student Showcase

The UW-Parkside Student Showcase is a campus-wide event in which all UW-Parkside students (undergraduates and graduate students) are encouraged to participate. A project might be an independent work conducted outside of a classroom setting, in collaboration with a faculty or staff mentor, it could be a project associated with a course during the Summer, Fall, or Spring semester.


  • Posters of independent research, creative activity, class-based scholarly, internship, or CBL projects

  • Professional Portfolios to display portfolios in art, business, theatre design/technology, capstone projects, or creative works

  • Oral presentations (15 minutes) of independent and class-based scholarly, CBL, internship, or capstone projects

  • Readings of poetry, prose, speeches, or oral interpretations

  • Short performances in music, theatre arts, or project-based videos/movies

  • Quick Pitch competitive presentation ($ award for top presentation)

REGISTER BY MARCH 15, 2024 (end of day)




All are invited and welcome to attend the UW-Parkside Student Showcase that will be held in the Student Center Ballroom, Oak and Walnut Room.

UW-Parkside students from across the university and from all four colleges will give research and creative scholarly presentations that include Professional Portfolios, Research Posters, and Oral Presentations.  There will also be a group of short persuasive speeches (3-min long each) for the Quick Pitch competition.

Again, all are welcome to come and learn about, talk with, and ask questions of students presenting their scholarly work.

Faculty/Academic Staff, feel free to bring your entire class or have students in your classes attend individually.


When you register, the first student author should also have the project title, names and emails of student co-authors (if appropriate), and name and email of faculty mentor(s) for the project ready with her/him/them.

You will also an abstract of about 250-300 words (2000 character limit).

Student scholarly work can from any number of diverse types of projects in or outside of a course. It could be independent scholarly work for any major from any department conducted with a faculty/academic staff mentor. It can be a project associated with a course, an internship, or a community-based learning (CBL) program. Further, it could be a project conducted during the current spring semester, or it could have been done and completed the previous fall or summer.  

The 2023 Student Showcase will again include the Quick Pitch competition, which is run in collaboration with the WiSYS organization. Quick Pitch is a competition in which students give a short (3 minute) persuasive speech without visuals. The goal of these “elevator-style” talks (as they are sometimes described) is to persuade an audience of the importance of topic, product, or project.

Although often related to an entrepreneurial product or research project, the topic could be on a social issue or CBL project, to name a few. Also, students (undergraduate or graduate) could give both a Quick Pitch presentation as well as a Poster or longer Oral Presentation on the same topic.

More about QUICK PITCH

Reminder, this event is different than the state-wide UW-System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity.

Students planning to present at both the UW-Parkside Student Showcase AND the UW-Symposium can present the same work.The Showcase event is usually scheduled a few days prior to the UW-Symposium to provide a "warm up" for students who might be nervous about presenting at a larger conference.


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