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Student Showcase

The UW-Parkside Student Showcase is a campus-wide event in which all UW-Parkside students (undergraduates and graduate students) are encourage to participate. A project might be an independent work conducted outside of a classroom setting, in collaboration with a faculty or staff mentor, it could be a project associated with a course during the summer, fall or spring semester.


  • Student-faculty collaborative research
  • Community-based learning (CBL)
  • Internships
  • Poetry and prose readings
  • Creative activities

Faculty and staff, please share this information with students whom feel may have a project that is ready to present at the UW-Parkside Student Showcase each spring.


WED APR 21  |  ONLINE  |  12-4 PM

All are invited to attend the virtual 2021 UW-Parkside Student Showcase event on Wednesday April 21, starting at 12 (noon).  This virtual event will be available through Canvas, and it will include Oral Presentations (live, virtual) and Posters Presentations by UW-Parkside undergraduate and graduate students, covering a wide range of scholarly topics and types of projects.  These include independent research, course and individual-based Community-Based Learning (CBL) projects, Internship projects, and creative activities, across all colleges and departments.

There are two ways to Log in and access the 2021 Student Showcase Canvas site to view student presentations, depending on if you currently have Canvas access or not.

Parkside student, faculty, or staff member with UWP credentials

You can self-enroll into the Student Showcase Canvas course by clicking on the enrollment link below. If you are already logged into Canvas, you’ll just need to click the “Enroll in Course” button. If you are not enrolled in Canvas already, you’ll just need to log in using your standard UWP credentials, and then the “Enroll in course” option will appear.


 If you currently do NOT have Canvas access and are not affiliated with the university:
If you do not have Canvas access you can still set up an account (for free) to self-enroll for the 2021 Student Showcase by going to the below enrollment link.  You will have to set up an account using the "UW Continuing Education Student" option at the top of the page and create a guest account with your preferred email address through that registration link. 



Oral Presentations, live and virtual  |  12-2 PM

These short (15 minute) talks will be live, virtual presentations, starting at 12 (noon) and go until 2 pm.  Log into the Student Showcase Canvassite to see the detailed list of students, titles, and detailed schedule for the oral presentations.  You will need to go to the Collaborate Ultra Feature on Canvas and "join" the Oral Presentations session.

Poster Presentations (recorded and can be viewed asynchronously)

Posters will be available as PDF files that can be viewed on the Student Showcase Canvas site within the Poster Presentation Module.  Posters will also include a short (3 - 5 minute) summary video by the student authors to overview their poster.  Posters Presentations will be available starting on April 21 and remain available for several weeks, to be viewed asynchronously.

Once logged into the Canvas site to see the full list and details for the presentations.

What about partial or incomplete projects?
We fully realize that as a result of COVID-19 and necessary cancellation of on-campus, off-campus, and in-person activities many student research, creative activity, and CBL projects have likely been interrupted or changed in nature. That is fine, if the student(s) and faculty/staff mentor feel there is still sufficient information and interest to present a the work as a professional portfolio, poster, or short talk, please considering doing so, even if less than initially planned.

Details about what, where and how presentations will occur?In consultation with the UW-Parkside Innovations in Learning staff, the Showcase Steering Committee is working on exactly how and when we'll have students upload their presentation, likely as a PDF of your poster and if students will be encouraged/asked to give "live" presentation for short talks or a recorded talk. We will share these details once they are worked out. Please note, we intend to be flexible and willing to work with students to find a way for them to present their work,  even if somewhat incomplete, in a useful and comfortable way, and the UW-Parkside Innovations in Learning staff will help provide technical support to students, as needed.

Types of student presentations to choose from (can be more than one).

  • Posters for independent and class-based scholarly or CBL projects
  • Professional Portfolios to display portfolios in art, business, theatre design/technology, capstone projects, or creative works
  • Oral presentations (15 minutes) for independent and class-based scholarly, CBL, or capstone projects
  • Readings of poetry, prose, speeches, or oral interpretations
  • Short performances in music or theatre arts
  • Quick Pitch competitive presentation (monetary awards for top presentations)*

*WiSys (at UW-System level) decided to cancel all Quick Pitch events state wide, so that will not be part of the Student Showcase this year (2020). 

Normally, students compete at in-person campus-level competitions. However, many campus events were canceled because of the coronavirus crisis. To ensure all students have the opportunity to pitch, WiSys is continuing the program virtually as WiSys Quick Pitch @ Home.



The Quick Pitch competition is run in collaboration with the WiSYS organization. Quick Pitch is a competition in which students give a short (3 minute) persuasive speech without visuals. The goal of these “elevator talks” (as they are sometimes described) is to persuade an audience of the importance and value of a topic, product, or project.

Although often related to an entrepreneurial product or research project, the topic could be on a social issue or CBL project, to name a few. Also, students (undergraduate or graduate) could give both a Quick Pitch presentation as well as a Poster or longer Oral Presentation on the same topic.

Reminder, this event is different than the state-wide UW-System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity.

Students planning to present at both the UW-Parkside Student Showcase AND the UW-Symposium can present the same work.The Showcase event is usually scheduled a few days prior to the UW-Symposium to provide a "warm up" for students who might be nervous about presenting at a larger conference.


David Higgs  |  Faculty Coordinator  |  higgs@uwp.edu

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