Student Showcase

Student Showcase



Registration for the 2020 UW-Parkside Student Showcase is now open, and the final day to register for this event will be Monday March 16, 2020.

The UW-Parkside Student Showcase is a campus-wide event in which all UW-Parkside students (undergraduates and graduate students) involved in student-faculty collaborative research, scholarship, Community-Based learning (CBL), Poetry/Prose Readings, Oral Interpretations, and creative activities (performances, exhibits, etc...) and/or the Quick Pitch competition are encourage to participate. A project might be an independent work conducted outside of a classroom setting, in collaboration with a faculty/staff mentor, it could be a project associated with a course during the summer, fall or spring semester.

Faculty and staff, please share this information with students whom you are working with and you feel have a project that is ready to present at the UW-Parkside Student Showcase.

UW-Parkside Student Showcase 2020 with Quick Pitch Competition:

When:  Wednesday April 15, 2020; 12 (noon) - 5 pm

Lunch:  Lunch is included for students and faculty/staff who register

Where:  Student Center (Ballroom and adjacent rooms)


Student Showcase and Quick Pitch Registration and Abstract Submission: 

Registration Link: Showcase 2019 Registration

Deadline:  Monday March 16, 2020 (by end of day)

Abstract Length: Maximum of ~300 words.


Types of student presentations to choose from (can be more than one)

  • Posters for independent and class-based scholarly or CBL projects
  • Professional Portfolios (tables to be provided) to display portfolios in art, business, theatre design/technology, capstone projects, or creative works
  • Oral presentations (15 minutes) for independent and class-based scholarly, CBL, or capstone projects
  • Readings of poetry, prose, speeches, or oral interpretations
  • Short performances in music or theatre arts
  • Quick Pitch competitive presentation ($ awards for top presentations)


Quick Pitch presentation (Second year for this event):

The 2020 Student Showcase will again include the Quick Pitch competition, which is run in collaboration with the WiSYS organization. Quick Pitch is a competition in which students give a short (3 minute) persuasive speech without visuals. The goal of these “elevator talks” (as they are sometimes described) is to persuade an audience of the importance and value of a topic, product, or project.

Although often related to an entrepreneurial product or research project, the topic could be on a social issue or CBL project, to name a few. Also, students (undergraduate or graduate) could give both a Quick Pitch presentation as well as a Poster or longer Oral Presentation on the same topic.



All UW-Parkside students planning to present need to register through the Qualtrics-based registration website (Showcase 2020 Registration) by the March 16 deadline.

All faculty mentors planning to attend the light luncheon event (12 noon – 12:45 pm) must also register via the Registration website (see above).

Reminder, this event is different than the state-wide UW-System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (aka, UW-Symposium).

Students planning to present at both the UW-Parkside Student Showcase AND the UW-Symposium can present the same work (talk, poster, creative work, etc...). In fact, the Showcase event is scheduled a few days prior to the UW-Symposium to provide a "warm up" for students who might be nervous about presenting at a larger conference.

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