PLA Steps for Students

You have a wealth of learning from life experience and are interested in petitioning for credit via the internal Prior Learning Assessment process of Challenge Exam and PLA Portfolio.  You have read the information on Credit for Prior Learning, but you may still have questions about the PLA process, so it is briefly outlined for you below.

The Center for Adult and Returning Students is here to support you through each step of the process.  Please contact us at or 262-595-3340 with your questions.

step 1

Learn about Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) and what background makes for the strongest candidates for it.  

step 2

Contact the Adult Student Program Manager with your questions about Prior Learning Assessment and to learn more about your options.  Be sure to share a current resumé or job description, if you have one.

Step 3 orange on white background

Work with the Adult Student Program Manager to contact professors, review syllabi, and see what PLA opportunity works best.

step 4

Make sure you know what expectations the professor who will be assessing your work has and what format the PLA will take: Challenge Exam (test) or PLA Portfolio (written work).

step 5

Fill out the PLA Intent Form and watch your Inbox for notification of its approval by the professor.


Fill out the PLA Fee Form and pay the fee ($125.00 each class) on your student account through SOLAR.


Do the Prior Learning Assessment activity--schedule and take the Challenge Exam or write and submit the PLA Portfolio!


Watch your Inbox for word about how you did.  If you pass, watch SOLAR for your credits to be added to your transcript.

Download our PLA checklist to keep track of your progress through the PLA process.

Dana Roders CARS

Dana Roders

Adult Student Program Manager

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