Order in the Court - Interview with Miraje Woods


April 2022

Student: Miraje Woods
Major(s): Criminal Justice & Psychology
Certificate: Mental Health Skills  
Class Rank: Junior

Sitting in the front row of Professor Graveley’s Criminal Law course, Miraje became intrigued by the mechanics of the courtroom. Asking questions to clarify and develop a better understanding allowed Miraje to excel in the class. Miraje enjoyed Professor Graveley’s approach of applying real court cases in his lectures. By answering Professor Graveley’s questions, a perfect opportunity opened for Miraje.   

Associate Lecturer for the Criminal Justice Department, Mr. Graveley is also  the District Attorney in Kenosha County. Seeing Miraje’s ambition to learn about criminal justice and all its components, Professor Graveley offered Miraje an internship with the District Attorney’s Office. 

“That was actually really special to me […] I was overwhelmed, in a good way.” 

Miraje met with her advisor to put the internship in motion. To complete the internship course of 208 hours, equivalent to six credits, Miraje reports Monday through Friday with a paralegal. During her 19-hour work week, Miraje finds herself witnessing how the court functions. Determined to learn more about the various occupations that go into this field, Miraje observes different departments that influence her understanding of her studies.   

“Witnessing a trial from start to finish […] watching that process made me more confident in the field I want to go in.” 

Since her start as an intern in February 2022, Miraje has been able to observe the different processes that occur in the court of law.  

“It was an honor to get this experience, I can’t imagine graduating and trying to go into the field without any experience.” 


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Multi-Media Communication Intern
Office of Community & Business Engagement

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