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Riley Werve

Student: Riley Werve
Major(s): Communication/Film Studies
Minor(s): Digital Media
Certificate(s): Creative Writing 
Class Rank: Sophomore  

February 2022

Marketing is essential in the business world, and here at UW-Parkside it’s possible for students  to get paid for that valuable career experience on campus.  Riley Werve is part of the University Marketing and Design team, which advances Parkside as best it can through advertisement.  

Riley is on the team as a videographer, a student position which offers her a lot of advantages for the future. “This job essentially lets me go meet a bunch of new people, make a lot of connections, and get field experience with interviews,” Riley says. “The editing process for making those videos [is] preparing me for what I might deal with when I join the field professionally out of college.” 

The videographer position is no easy job, but Riley finds it plenty rewarding. The job requires more than just an eye for video capture. “The first month and a half [of] the semester, I've easily spoken to over 100 people.” Riley quickly learned that if you want people to work with you, “you’ve got to have a good attitude, good spirit...” Figuring out how to work well with people is a skill that can be used in countless other professions. 

According to Riley, a typical day is never a dull moment. “I get into my office upstairs at eight in the morning, then I'll stay in there for a couple of hours then I'll go to my class, go back to work for a couple of hours, then go back to my class, and just back and forth. If I'm not responding to emails and scheduling interviews, I'm out filming those interviews, which entails me taking my big cart full of equipment - full of lighting, microphones, cameras, tripods, extension cords, monitors - [and] bringing all that and taking it to wherever my client wants to meet and do our interview.”  

Overall, the marketing team is the backbone of the university, making sure to show the campus off in a positive light.  “This is a perfect fit for what I want to do, and I'm very privileged that I get to do that.”  

After all, how else will the people know to Major in You? 


Maurice Campbell 
Content Writing Intern
Office of Community & Business Engagement 


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