Apr 28-30, 2020

WriterCon 2020 (Writers' Conference at UW-Parkside) is where names on projects meet faces, where great ideas are presented and flourish. Join us to see great projects and participate in workshops and panels. Engage with other Literatures and Languages majors as well as alumni and professionals who are active in the field that interests you!

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WriterCon 2020 submission details will be announced at a later date.

Here's a look back at 2019 details for the Teresa Peck Award and the Holocaust Studies Award.

Guidelines for Teresa Peck Award

Due April 30, 2019

The Teresa Peck Award is a monetary award given each year for the best gender-related paper,project, or creative work written or produced by a University of Wisconsin-Parkside male,  female or gender non-conforming student during the 2018 calendar year as well as the Spring 2019 semester.  Only those students enrolled at UW Parkside as full-time students are eligible.

The paper/creative work must have a feminist and/or gender, and/or sexuality studies objective and/or reflect a feminist/ gender/sexuality studies creative or theoretical approach or analysis. Students can submit more than one piece of work, but the submissions will be considered separately rather than in combination.  Active members of the Center for Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies will read/view the work and make final determinations regarding the winners (1st, 2nd, and, possibly, 3rd).

Criteria include:

  • value of the work to the field,
  • appropriate methodology or technique
  • creativity of approach, and
  • critical or theoretical insight.

Sources should be documented by using MLA style or whatever documentation system is appropriate for the academic discipline (check with the instructor if in doubt), and the paper should be free of grammatical, technical, and structural errors.

Academic papers should be at least 9-10 pages long but no longer than 20 pages including reference list/ bibliography.  Creative/art productions should include a statement of production process and author intent (can be separate or included in the cover letter described below).  Bibliography should include only citations for sources that are clearly and actively used in the paper.  As with any academic assignment, students are responsible to the UW system policy related to academic misconduct. For helpful guidelines concerning plagiarism, students may wish to consult:

COVER LETTER: Submissions should include a cover letter explaining the nature of the work (which class it was produced in, was it revised, specifics about the piece itself, etc.) along with a current address, phone number, and e-mail address.

Entries should be e-mailed to: or delivered to WGSS Co-Director’s Office: Dr. Linda K. Crafton, CART 220

Awards will be announced at the Award Ceremonies, Tuesday, May 7, beginning at 5 pm.

Guidelines for the Holocaust Studies Award

Due April 30, 2019

The awardee will be presented a $100 prize.

The Carole Gottlieb Vopat Holocaust Study Award recognizes the best submitted essay or creative piece, e.g., poem, fiction, painting, etc., that specifically addresses the subject of the Holocaust. To enter this competition, a student must be enrolled in classes either full or part time during the spring semester at UW-Parkside. Research papers should be about 10 pages long, double-spaced, APA or MLA. Students are advised to work with a faculty member to achieve final draft. For over a decade, Carole Gottlieb Vopat taught “Literature of the Holocaust” to students at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Her course was dedicated to the people who died at the hands of the Nazis during World War II. Two generations later, a growing number of young people do not know about this horrific part of history. It is Carole’s mission to continue to honor those who perished and to continue to fight hatred targeted against any specific group on the basis of its culture, religion, or race. This award inspires creative efforts to honor the memories of those who perished in the Holocaust. Submissions may be written as part of a class or be independent work.

Entries should be e-mailed to: or delivered to Dr. Linda K. Crafton, CART 220.

Awards will be announced at the Award Ceremonies, Tuesday, May 7, beginning at 5 pm.

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