Music Department Policies Due to COVID-19


This is a bit of a rough time. It is a little tough for all of us. We, as your professors and instructors, are trying to figure out how best to do from our home computers what we have always done with you on campus in person.  If “distance teaching” is a challenge for us, “distance learning” will surely be challenging for you. But beyond virtual study, there are other realties that you, like us, must deal with in this dread COVID19 pandemic. Like the disease itself. “Will a loved one or friend contract the virus? Will they be able to get treatment and recover? Will I get the coronavirus?” And then for some of you the matter of living arrangements. Jobs. Finances. Relationships now interrupted by “social distancing.” All of the classmates that you cannot be with. Not being able to experience the ultimate "therapy" of making music together. The disruption of “going to college” as you have come to know it.  The uncertainty of everything!  All these things and others are stressful!  

We just want you to know that we understand. We feel you! Even as we try to figure out ways to deliver now by virtual means the high-quality educational experiences that we have prided ourselves in offering you, we know that there is more to your lives right now than your studies. We get that. Please communicate with us. Let us know how we can help. (And the campus still offers strong counseling and support resources, which we are happy to connect you with.) Already we have changed a lot of things in all our music courses to make the experiences more do-able and less difficult for you in this COVID19 crisis. Please let us know if we need to figure out adjustments that can be even more helpful. We are willing to be flexible. And know that we fully believe that there “really will be a morning.” With you, we look forward to the post-COVID-19 time to come. We will get through to the other side! Meantime, we are in this together, you and us. As the 1970s psychedelic rock/funk group, Sister Sledge, said in their big hit, “We are family!” And we are!


Music Department on-campus events and activities for the remainder of this spring semester are canceled. That includes all concerts, rehearsals, on-campus classes, on-campus lessons, commencement ceremonies, juries, WSMA, recitals, etc.


Music Department on-campus events and activities for the remainder of this spring semester are canceled. That includes all concerts, rehearsals, on-campus classes, on-campus lessons, commencement ceremonies, juries, WSMA, recitals.


All private instruction will be virtual or online, individual instructors will be making their own decisions about how best to proceed, whether it be via CANVAS, ZOOM, or various other technologies. For questions or concerns please contact your individual instructor.


Music Department on-campus juries have been canceled. Instructors have been in given criteria to incorporate into their assessment in order to assign grades.


The Music Department highly discourages any and all face to face rehearsals, group gatherings and performances on or off-campus. Please DO NOT gather together to rehearse, perform, or engage in any other UW-Parkside related musical activities until otherwise notified.


If you currently have a Parkside instrument for an ensemble checked out or have ensemble music, you should simply keep these until you receive further information. No fees will be assessed for any school instrument checked out for ensembles.

If you have either of these items at school, you should not attempt to retrieve them now. Wait until you receive further information.


The Music Department Faculty has been instructed to make syllabus and course expectation changes to accommodate the loss of time and changes in instruction method, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will mean different things for each individual course and instructor.

Each instructor will be updating their course information and expectations via their chosen method of communication. For questions or concerns please contact the course instructor.


If you are planning to student teach for fall 2020, you are still expected to attend all virtual meetings, respond to emails and continue to follow policies and requests from IPED and the Music Department.


(EDU 300, 310, 430 and 440)
Effective Monday, March 16, all pre-Residency clinical placements and observations will be cancelled for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. Students should not report to their placements on or after March 16. We requested that students log any completed hours into Via if possible by March 20. Accommodations have been made regarding the original clinical hour requirement, and students that were unable to meet the original hour requirement for the Spring semester will not be delayed in their progression through the program. For more information on clinical placements, please contact Melissa Andreoli at


All student teachers in Residency should continue to follow the calendar of their district and follow the lead of their mentor teacher with regards to virtual or extended learning experiences. Programs have received guidance from DPI that “If the district has a shorter second semester than planned, the student teaching requirement will still be interpreted as having been met.  Student teachers should stay informed through their cooperating teacher and/or principal and follow their direction in regards to any alternative methods of instruction that may be used by the school during a closure.” Student teachers should follow these guidelines and remain in regular contact with their mentor teachers.

On March 22, Governor Evers issued an order suspending the edTPA requirement for educator preparation programs for the duration of the declared health emergency in Wisconsin. Candidates who have met all other requirements for licensure may be endorsed for licensure without a passing score on the edTPA. For more information on this suspension, please contact Dr. Ryan at For edTPA guidance, please contact Dr. Prince at



Visit the faculty and staff page for contact information.


Lesley Walker, Dean

Alvaro Garcia, Associate Dean

Updated: April 6, 2020

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