Ekundayo "Dayo" Akinlade, PhD, SHRM-SCP

Dr. Akinlade is a senior certified professional of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She worked for several years at different organizations in Nigeria, Britain, Switzerland, and the U. S. including Accenture, where she was a Management Consultant focusing on Change Management. Dr. Akinlade earned an MBA from the University of Connecticut, with a concentration in Human Resource Management. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Chicago, in Human Resource Management/Organizational Behavior. Her research interests include Strategic Human Resource Management, Leadership, Diversity, and Creativity. She has published her research in Personnel Review, Equality Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, and Journal of Hispanic Higher Education.

Teaching Interests

She has taught a range of management courses at the undergraduate and graduate level including, Human Resource Management, Global Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Principles of Management, High Performing Teams, Training in the Workplace, Compensation and Benefits.

Research Interests

Consulting Interests

Dr. Akinlade is the co-founder and lead consultant at IMAGIN Consulting LLC. This is a consulting firm that provides employee professional development, inclusive leadership training, and change management consultation to organizations to help them develop, implement, and evaluate diversity, equity, and inclusion activities to improve their workplace culture.

Selected Publications

2023: Immigrant Case Study: St Claire Medical Center, Pearson (402-403 pp.)

2022: Cooperation leads Change: Subordinate Moqi, Leader-member Exchange, and Change-oriented Organizational Citizenship Behaviors among Chinese Workers, Journal of General Management. Sage Publications

2021: Diversity Climate of Respect and the Impact on Faculty Extra Role Behaviors., Journal of Business Diversity (97-114 pp.)

2021: Using Personal Stories to Enhance the Team Member Experience in Traditional and Online Teaching Modality, Management and Teaching Review

2020: HR Practices, Customer Outcomes, and OCBO: the POS-Engagement Mediation Chain, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal

2020: Mechanisms for hiring discrimination of immigrant applicants in the United States, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (395-417. pp.)

2020: The Effect of Diversity Climate on Institutional Affiliation/Pride and Intentions to Stay and Graduate: A comparison of Latinx and non-Latinx White Students, Journal of Hispanic Higher Education (91-111 pp.)

2019: Immigrant Stereotypes and differential screening., Personnel Review/Emerald Publishing Limited (921-938 pp.)

2017: Strategic human resource management in nonprofit organizations: a case for mission-driven human resource practices, Global Journal of Management and Marketing (121-146 pp.)

HRM 343 - Human Resource Management
HRM 444 - Compensation and Benefits
HRM 445 - Diversity/Inclusion-Organzatns
MBA 746 - Advanced Global Management
MBA 786 - Strategic Human Resource Mgt
MBA 789 - Employee Training/Development
MGT 446 - Global Management
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