Gregory Cramer, PhD

  • Associate Professor
  • Institute of Professional Educator Development Department
  • Ph.D., UW-Milwaukee, 2012
  • PHONE: (262) 595-2913
  • EMAIL:
Gregory Cramer


  • Bilingual Education
  • English as a Second Language
  • Immigrant and Undocumented Students in K-12 Education
  • Civics and Citizenship Education
  • Bilingual Approaches to Document-Based Learning
Dr Gregory Cramer has spent the last 7 years at UW-Parkside in the Department of Teacher Education teaching courses related to English as a Second Language (ESL), Bilingual Education, and Social Studies. He created licensure programs for ESL and Bilingual Education. Now teacher candidates have the option of dual licensure: adding an ESL license or Bilingual license to their initial certifications in elementary or secondary education. Before coming to UW-Parkside, Dr Cramer taught for 15 years in the Milwaukee Public Schools. He spent 3 years teaching bilingual social studies at South Division High School, the largest bilingual school in Wisconsin. He then co-founded Advanced Language and Academic Studies (ALAS) High School, a teacher-led school that emphasized rigor and college preparatory classes for all bilingual students. At ALAS, Dr Cramer taught bilingual social studies, ESL, instrumental music, and drama, and was responsible for after school musical and drama programs. He wrapped his MPS career at Riverside University High School, where he taught bilingual social studies. In his spare time, Dr Cramer can be found playing music, fishing, camping, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Teaching Interests

Bilingual Education, Second Language Acquisition, English as a Second Language, Bilingual Social Studies Education, Immigrant and 2nd Language Students in U.S. Public Schools

Research Interests

Undocumented students in public K-12 schools and higher education; Citizenship education for undocumented students; Graphic novels for 2nd language students; Historical thinking and 2nd Language students

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

2023: Cramer, G.J. (2023). Pre-service ESL teachers and undocumented students in the U.S. Citizenship Teaching and Learning., Citizenship Teaching and Learning. (331-350 pp.)

2022: ,

Teaching Awards

2023: Community Engaged Learning and Research Award, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
EDU 200 - Teaching the Whole Child
EDU 210 - Exploring Equity In Education
EDU 225 - Fndtns of ESL/Bilingual Educ
EDU 235 - Home, School and Culture
EDU 235 - Immigration and Education (DV)
EDU 300 - Creating Effctv Lrng Envrnmnts
EDU 325 - Intro to 2nd Language Acquistn
EDU 335 - ESL Methods
EDU 399 - Independent Study:
EDU 425 - Residency (Student Teaching)
EDU 430 - Usng Actn Rsrch to Imprv Instn
EDU 436 - Literacy Mthds-2nd Lang Clsrm
EDU 444 - Teaching Dvlpmtl Soc Stds, K-9
EDU 446 - Assessment In 2nd Lang Classrm
EDU 499 - Independent Study:
HIST 137 - Hispanic American History
MAPS 769 - Tpcs-Content Exprtse Prof Edu:
PDEV 415 - Intro to Language Acquisition
PDEV 417 - Foundations-Language/Literacy
PDEV 419 - Develop Acad Lng-Bilingl Clsrm
PDEV 466 - Spec Dsgnd Instrucn-Div Stdnts
PDEV 481 - Disability Across the Lifespan
PDEV 491 - Residency
PDEV 492 - Residency Portfolio
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