Gary Eckstein, M.A.

  • Lecturer
  • Criminal Justice Department
  • MA, Marquette University, 1984
  • PHONE: (262) 595-3416
  • EMAIL:
Gary is a lecturer who teaches courses such as CRMJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice, CRMJ 234 Juvenile Delinquency, CRMJ 372 Violence and CRMJ 387 Terrorism and Security. He is a UWP graduate who receive his B.A. and M.A. in Sociology with an emphasis in Corrections/Criminology from Marquette University. Mr. Eckstein is currently the Vocational Outreach Director for the Kenosha Achievement Center. He has worked as a Counselor/Clinical Specialist with the Sojourner Truth House, Taylor Children's Home, Community Care Resources and the Professional Services Group.

Teaching Interests


Research Interests

Digital Photography, Travel, Cultural Events, Blues and Reggae Music, Family Histories, Organic Farming, Training and Working with Horses, Canoeing.

Consulting Interests

CRMJ 101 - Intro to Criminal Justice
CRMJ 235 - Police and Society
CRMJ 344 - Organized Crime
CRMJ 345 - White Collar Crime
CRMJ 364 - Capital Punishment
CRMJ 365 - Race, Crime, Law (DV)
CRMJ 387 - Terrorism and Security
SOCA 235 - Police and Society
SOCA 365 - Race, Crime, Law (DV)
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