Steven Fleck, PhD, FACSM, FNSCA, CSCS

  • Associate Professor - HESM
  • Hlth, Exercise Sci & Sport Mgt Department
  • Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1978
  • PHONE: (262) 595-2308
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Steven J. Fleck, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor, Health, Exercise Science and Sport Management. Dr. Fleck's research interests include physiological adaptations to resistance training and the application of research findings to optimize resistance training program design. His research interests are not limited to physiological adaptations and the training of athletes, but also include training of the general population and individuals with various diseases, such as cancer and cystic fibrous. During his career Dr. Fleck has designed programs for celebrities interested in general health and fitness, as well as Olympic athletes in a wide variety of sports. He has authored numerous peer reviewed research articles as well as numerous lay articles in the area of resistance training. Dr. Fleck has also authored several books concerning resistance training including: Designing Resistance Training Programs, Strength Training for Young Athletes, and Optimizing Strength Training: Designing Nonlinear Periodization Workouts. All of these books have been translated into several languages. His most recent book is an undergraduate text Exercise Physiology Integrating Theory and Application. He is a Fellow of both the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. For his work he has been honored by receiving both the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Sports Scientist of the Year Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award of that organization.

Teaching Interests

Steven J. Fleck, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor, Health, Exercise Science and Sport Management. Dr. Fleck's teaching interests revolve around the broad areas of health, fitness and physical conditioning. In particular his teaching interests concern physiological adaptations to strength training as well as other forms of physical conditioning and the application of this information to optimally designing training programs. Several of Dr. Fleck’s classes include unique laboratory experiences coinciding with the material being covered in class.

Research Interests

Steven J. Fleck, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor, Health, Exercise Science and Sport Management. Early in his professional career Dr. Fleck’s research interests centered around physiological adaptations to resistance training in elite athletes. This expanded to include physiological adaptations to strength and other forms of conditioning in the general population. More recently his research interests have evolved to include both of the above as well as physiological adaptations, health implications and quality of life effects of physical conditioning in various disease states. In particular, this last area of research interest includes leukemia, cystic fibrosis, McArdle's disease and hospitalized seniors.

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

2012: Activity in Geriatric Acute Care (AGECAR): Rationale, Design and Methods, BMC Geriatrics

2012: The Inter-association Task Force for Preventing Sudden Death in Collegiate Conditioning Sessions: Best Practices Recommendations., Journal of Athletic Training (477-480 pp.)

2012: Comparison Between Linear and Nonlinear Periodized Resistance Training: Strength and Muscle Thickness Effects, Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (1389-1395 pp.)

2012: Intra-hospital weight and aerobic training in children with cystic fibrosis: A randomized controlled trial, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2-11 pp.)

2012: Strength training for athletes: does it really help sports performance?, International Journal of Sports Physiological Performance (2-5 pp.)

Departmental Service

: Committee Member - Center for Health Sciences Steering Committee
2013: Committee Member - HESM Committee to Develop Changes to the Exercise Science Major