Chi-Wing "Robert" Fok, P.hd.

  • Professor - Finance
  • Business Department
  • Ph.D., University of Alabama, 1992
  • PHONE: (262) 595-2460
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  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Institutions
  • International Financial Management
Dr. Fok is a Full Professor of Finance at UW-Parkside. He received a master's degree and a Ph.D. degree in Finance from the University of Alabama. He held faculty positions at Feng Chia University (Taiwan), National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan), and Shippensburg University (Pennsylvania) before joining UW-Parkside. Currently, he teaches International Financial Management (MBA and undergraduate), Managerial Finance, and Management of Financial Institutions. Dr. Fok has published in a wide variety of academic journals including Financial Management, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of Real Estate Economics and Finance, Journal of Real Estate Research, Journal of Business Finance & and Accounting, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Consumer Marketing, International Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of Financial Education, and Financial Practice and Education.

Teaching Interests

Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions, and International Financial Management

Research Interests

Initial public offerings, the efficiency of financial institutions, banking relationship, international financial markets, and pedagogical research in finance.

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

2023: Bank Information Monopolies and Hold-Up Effects: International Evidence, International Review of Economics and Finance,” Vol. 83, pp. 286-311. (ABDC journal ranking A), International Review of Economics and Finance (286-311 pp.)

2022: Credit Default Swaps & Corporate Performance Smoothing, Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 75, pp. 1-24. (ABDC journal ranking A*), Journal of Corporate Finance

2021: The Determinants of High-Interest Entrusted Loans in China (with Yan Yu and Yi-Tsung Lee). Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Vol. 48, pp. 405-430. (ABDC journal ranking: A*), (405-430 pp.)

2020: Do cross-border mergers and acquisitions affect acquirers’ trade credit? Evidence from an emergence market (with Ying Li and Yue Han). International Review of Economics and Finance (ABDC journal ranking: A), (423-439. pp.)

2019: The anchoring effect of underwriters’ proposed price ranges on institutional investors’ bid prices in IPO auctions: Evidence from China (with Shenghao Gao and Feng Cao). International Review of Economics and Finance (ABDC journal ranking: A), (111-127 pp.)

2016: The wealth effects of oil-related name changes on stock prices: Evidence from the U.S. and Canadian stock markets, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (26-45 pp.)

2015: Out of sight, not out of mind: The evidence from Taiwan mutual funds, International Review of Economics and Finance (138-156 pp.)

2015: Using books by prolific investors for teaching an investment course (with Leo H. Chan and Kam C. Chan). , Advances in Finanical Education (26-37 pp.)

2015: Demographics, Family/Social Interaction, and Household Finance (with Ming Gao). Economics Letters (ABDC journal ranking: A), (pp. 194-196 pp.)

2014: Hedging Costs, Liquidity, and Inventory Management: The Evidence from Option Market Makers (with Wei-Shao Wu, Yu-Jane Liu and Yi-Tsung Lee). , Journal of Financial Markets (25-48 pp.)

2011: An analysis of Lockups in REIT IPOs (with Hsuan-Chi Chen and Chiuling Lu). Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (ABDC journal ranking: A), (350-384 pp.)

2010: Existence and Persistence of the Week-of-the-Month Effect in Asian Stock Markets (with Tom Krueger and Kien Cao). Journal of International Business Research and Practice, (87-108 pp.)

2010: Issuers' Incentive and Tests of Baron's Model of IPO Underpricing (with Hsuan-Chi Chen and Sheng-Hung Kang)., Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (pp.71-87 pp.)

2009: Effects of Employee Stock Bonuses on Technical Efficiency: evidence from Taiwan's Electronic Industry (with Vivian Jen and Yuanchen Chang). NTU Management Review, (331-353 pp.)

2008: Finance editorial board membership and research productivity (with William G. Hardin, III, Kartono Liano and Kam C. Chan). Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (ABDC journal ranking: B), (225-240 pp.)

2007: Dynamic Linkages between Exchange Rates and Stock Prices: Evidence from the Asian Finanical Crisis of 1997 (with Ming-Shiun Pan and Angela Liu). International Review of Economics and Finance (ABDC journal ranking: A), (503-520 pp.)

2006: Divergent Expectations and Close-end Funds: Evidence from Post-Asian Financial Crisis Period (with Yuanchen Chang and Kam C. Chan). Journal of Emerging Markets, (5-14 pp.)

2006: Why Do Underwriters Charge Low Underwriting Fees for Initial Public Offerings in Taiwan? (with Hsuan-Chi Chen and Yu-Jen Wang). Journal of Business Finance and Accounting (ABDC journal ranking: A*), (979-1005 pp.)

2004: Bank Relationships and Their Effects on FIirm Performance Around the Asian Financial Crisis: Evidence from Taiwan (with Yuanchen Chang and Wen-Tuz Lee). Financial Managment (ABDC journal ranking: A), (89-112 pp.)

Service Awards

2019: Nominated: Advising Excellent Award (2012-2013, 2018-2019 academic years),
2019: Nominated for the Advising Excellence Award for the 2018-19 academic year, University, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
2013: Nominated for 2012-2013 Advising Award, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
2001: Milton Mills Faculty Research Award, Shippensburg University (2001),
2000: Best Paper Award of the First Annual Conference on Empirical Economics, Taiwan, (April, 2000),

Departmental Service

2023: Committee Member - UG Curriculum & Assessment Committee
2020: Chairperson - Search and Screen Committee for the position of Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in Finance
2019: Committee Member - Business Department Math Competence Task Forces
2019: Chairperson - Service Merit Policy Review Committee
2019: Committee Member - FEI Scholarship Committee
2019: Committee Member - Undergraduate Appeals Committee
2019: Committee Member - Search and Screen Committee
2018: - Member, Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment Committee
2013: Task Force Member - A task force that recommended changes in general business concentration implementation of management concentration
2011: Committee Chair - Search and Screen Committee
2011: Committee Chair - Teaching Evaluation Redesign Committee
2007: Committee Member - Search Committee
2007: Committee Member - MBA Curriculum & Assessment Committee
2006: Committee Member - Undergraduate curriculum and assessement committee
2005: Committee Member - Undergraduate Cirriculum Committee

College Service

2011: Committee Member - Research Seminar Series Committee
2009: Committee Member - Screening Committee for the position of Accounting Lecturer
2007: Committee Member - Search committee for Associate Dean
2006: Committee Member - Screening Committee for the position of Director of SEG Center and Global Education Center

University Service

2019: Committee Member - Academic Policy Committee
2018: Committee Member - Search and screen committee for the position of Financial Controller
2014: Committee Member - CRCA
2009: Committee Member - Academic Achievement Assessment Committee
2006: - Member, Academic Achievement Assessment Committee
2006: Committee Member - Search Committee for Financial Aid Office

Professional Service

2015: - Midewest Financial Association
2004: - Review for academic journals
BUS 494 - Internship in Business
FIN 330 - Managerial Finance
FIN 336 - Mgt of Financial Institutions
FIN 431 - Advanced Managerial Finance
FIN 437 - International Financial Mngt
FIN 494 - Internship
MBA 735 - International Financial Mgmt
MBA 799 - Independent Study & Research:
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