Gail Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Gail Gonzalez has a Ph.D. in Latin American Literature. She earned her doctorate at the University of Kentucky in 1992, following a Fulbright Full Fellowship in Argentina. She has traveled widely and lived in Latin America, and has a keen interest in Latin American culture, literature, history, politics and art.

Teaching Interests

Gail Gonzalez has a particular interest in teaching courses on Argentine literature, and is a fervent supporter of interdisciplinary and team-taught courses. Dr. Gonzalez believes that great literature can aid us in understanding the pressing questions of our (and any) times

Research Interests

Argentine detective fiction from the period of the Dirty War until the present. Ways in which authors attempt to grapple with violence in their societies. Gendered approaches to an understanding of violence at the state level.

Consulting Interests

Design of writing programs for heritage speakers of Spanish.

Teaching Awards

2013: University-wide award for outstanding teaching, Nominated for Stella C. Gray Teaching Award, s

Departmental Service

2011: Committee Chair - Search and Screen Committee

Public Service

2017: Other - Community Based Learning - Racine Literacy Council
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