Erin Graham

  • Assistant Professor
  • Psychology, Professional Counseling, and Neuroscience Department
  • Ph.D., Kent State University, 2021
  • EMAIL:

Selected Publications

: Category Labels or Exemplar Cues? Variations in Presentation Style During Training are More Influential than Working Memory Capacity in Determining Efficient Semantic Category Learning,

: Do the Benefits of a Mathematics Intervention Based on Errorless Learning and Cue-Fading Depend on Working Memory Resources? ,

2022: Persistent Overconfidence in Young Children: Impact of Magnitude and Peer Modeling, Educational Research: Theory and Practice (1-18 pp.)

2021: Reconceptualizing Symbolic Magnitude Estimation Training Using Non-declarative Learning Techniques., Frontiers in Psychology (638004 pp.)

PSYC 101 - Intro to Psychological Science
PSYC 205 - Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 300 - Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 301 - Learning and Memory
PSYC 390 - Special Topics in Psychology:
PSYC 499 - Independent Study:
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