Kevin Gray

  • Sound Manager Instructor
  • Theatre Arts Department
  • BA, Michigan Technological University, 2016
  • EMAIL:


  • Sound
  • Audio
  • Design
  • Music
  • Theatre
Kevin earned is Bachelor of Arts in Sound Design with a Minor in Music Composition from Michigan Technological University, and has previously worked at the University of Southern Indiana. Kevin has received multiple certificates of merit from the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival for excellence in Sound Design.

Teaching Interests

Sound Production & Technology
Sound Design
Live/Digital Audio Mixing

Research Interests

Kevin publishes original composition from theatrical productions and more with his music project, Hexecho. In addition Kevin loves designing and building loudspeakers.

Consulting Interests

Research/Creative Awards

2020: Certificate commending quality of theatrical Sound Design., Certificate of Merit in Sound Design, Kennedy Center for American College Theatre Festival
MUSI 490 - Special Topics in Music:
MUSI 499 - Independent Study:
MUSP 240 - Sound Production I
MUSP 340 - Sound Production II
MUSP 350 - Sound Design
THEA 010 - Theatre Practicum I
THEA 212 - Intermed Technical Production
THEA 312 - Production Design/Technology I
THEA 412 - Production Desgn/Technology II
THEA 499 - Independent Study:
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