Erin Hillard

  • Assistant Professor
  • Psychology, Professional Counseling, and Neuroscience Department
  • Ph.D., University of Notre Dame, 2018
  • EMAIL:
Erin Hillard
Dr. Erin Hillard joined the Psychology Department at UW-Parkside in Fall 2019 as an assistant professor. She teaches undergraduate courses in Lifespan Human Development, Psychological Statistics, Adolescent Development, and Eating Disorders. Her primary research interests lie in the prevention of body image problems and disordered eating, as well as the sociocultural risk and protective factors that influence the course of body image development among adolescents and college-aged women.

Teaching Interests

Teaching interests include Lifespan Development, Adolescent Development, Developmental Psychopathology, Body Image and Disordered Eating, Socioemotional Development, Social Psychology, and Psychological Statistics.

Research Interests

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

: Social media engagement, self-concept clarity, body image, and disordered eating: A mediational test of self-concept fragmentation, Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking

: Psychological maltreatment of women, coping, body image, and eating disorders, Violence & Victims

CMHC 714 - Lifespan Develpmnt in Counslng
PSYC 101 - Intro to Psychological Science
PSYC 210 - Intro to Human Development
PSYC 250 - Psychological Statistics
PSYC 339 - Adolescent Development
PSYC 363 - Health Psychology
PSYC 390 - Special Topics in Psychology:
PSYC 421 - The Self
PSYC 441 - Adv Human Development Seminar
PSYC 499 - Independent Study:
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