Bom Soo Kim

Bom Soo Kim


  • Quantum field theory and string theory
  • Magnetic skyrmions and Hall transport
  • Entanglement entropy, gauge fields and Wilson loops
  • Hydrodynamics and quantum critical point
  • Holographic renormalizations
Bom Soo Kim is a faculty member at UW-Parkside with research interests in a number of interdisciplinary fields anchored to theoretical physics using quantum field theory and string theory. While formally trained in high energy particle physics, his research interests have been extended to condensed matter physics, material science, and quantum information science. His specific research topics include magnetic skyrmions & Hall transport, hydrodynamics with broken boost, entanglement entropy with background fields, and holographic renormalization.

Bom Soo Kim received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of California at Berkeley and his B.S. in astronomy from Yonsei University. He trained as a postdoctoral researcher in a joint appointment with IESL-FORTH and the University of Crete and then at Tel Aviv University. He previously worked as a teaching postdoc at the University of Kentucky and as a full time Lecturer at Loyola University Maryland. He is excited to share his experiences working at academic institutions with different cultures and to further collaborate in his research and teaching with students and faculty members at UW-Parkside.

Teaching Interests

Teaching Philosophy:
I believe a human mind longs for the knowledge beyond its own horizon. Admitting that each one of us is limited with his/her own border helps us to facilitate our classroom to be a safe place to test and expand our boundaries. With a consistent self-examination through critical and objective thinking process, we experience knowledge outside our current limits that enables us to face future challenges. I am obligated to enter the classroom with my best preparations and an open mind being aware of individual personalities and diverse needs. Through dedication, perseverance, and hard work, you are invited to experience empowering knowledge beyond your current frontier.

Research Interests

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

2023: Skyrmion vs. antiskyrmion Hall angles , 2023 IEEE International Magnetic Conference - Short Papers

2023: Generalizing Thiele Equation , Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter (425901 pp.)

2023: Skyrmion and Hall Transport, Jenny Stanford Publishing (395 pp.)

2022: QFT entanglement entropy, 2D fermion and gauge fields, Physics Letters B (136876 pp.)

2020: Modeling Hall viscosity in magnetic-skyrmion systems, Physical Review Research

2019: Topical Review on Skyrmions and Hall transport, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER

2019: Entanglement entropy and Wilson loop, Nuclear Physics B (114771 pp.)

2017: Entanglement entropy with background gauge fields, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS

2017: Holographic entanglement entropy of a 1+1 dimensional p-wave superconductor, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS

2016: Holographic renormalization of Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton theories, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS

2016: Skyrmions and Hall Transport, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS

2015: Ward identities for transport in 2+1 dimensions, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS

2014: Bulk Viscosity in Holographic Lifshitz Hydrodynamics, JHEP (050 pp.)

2014: Lifshitz Field Theories at Non-Zero Temperature, Hydrodynamics and Gravity, JHEP (029 pp.)

2014: Odd Parity Transport In Non-Abelian Superfluids From Symmetry Locking, JHEP (127 pp.)

2014: Ward Identities for Hall Transport, JHEP (054 pp.)

2013: Aging Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory: a holographic view, JHEP (141 pp.)

2013: Aging Logarithmic Galilean Field Theories, Nucl. Phys. B (358--385 pp.)

2013: Lifshitz Hydrodynamics, JHEP (145 pp.)

2012: Finite Temperature Aging Holography, JHEP (010 pp.)

2012: Holographic quantum criticality and strange metal transport, New J. Phys. (043045 pp.)

2012: Hyperscaling violation : a unified frame for effective holographic theories, JHEP (061 pp.)

2012: Schr\'odinger Holography with and without Hyperscaling Violation, JHEP (116 pp.)

2011: Charged Dilatonic Black Holes and their Transport Properties, Fortsch. Phys. (723--729 pp.)

2011: Properties of Schroedinger Black Holes from AdS Space, JHEP (120 pp.)

2011: Strange Metallic Behaviour and the Thermodynamics of Charged Dilatonic Black Holes, Fortsch. Phys. (741--748 pp.)

2010: Effective Holographic Theories for low-temperature condensed matter systems, JHEP (151 pp.)

2007: Aspects of Puff Field Theory, JHEP (035 pp.)

2007: Non-relativistic superstring theories, Phys. Rev. D (126013 pp.)

2007: World Sheet Commuting beta gamma CFT and Non-Relativistic String Theories, Phys. Rev. D (106007 pp.)

2006: A Deformation of twistor space and a chiral mass term in N=4 super Yang-Mills theory, JHEP (027 pp.)

2005: Massless and massive three dimensional super Yang-Mills theory and mini-twistor string theory, Phys. Rev. D (125016 pp.)

Teaching Awards

2014: Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor , University of California, Berkeley

Research/Creative Awards

2021: 2020-21 WiSys Spark grant at UW-Parkside is awarded to the project "Improving the accuracy of the chiral magnetic skyrmion motion in the racetrack memory devices," with fund $9,540 to support Undergraduate research, Spark Grant, WiSys and UW-Parkside

University Service

: University Senate Service - Faculty Senate
MATH 111 - College Algebra I
MATH 317 - Differential Equations/Applic
PENG 214 - Electrical Circuits I
PHYS 101 - Principles of Physics
PHYS 105 - College Physics I
PHYS 106 - College Physics II
PHYS 110 - Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS 202 - General Physics II
PHYS 297 - Physics Research Seminar II
PHYS 302 - Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 401 - Mathematical Mthds of Physics
PHYS 499 - Independent Study:
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