Gregory "Greg" Kuper, MSC

  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Communication Department
  • MS, University of Wisconsin, 2017
  • EMAIL:
I was born in Chicago, IL. My family moved to Twin Lakes, WI (Kenosha County) when I was three, where I attended Wilmot High School. I received my undergrad from UW Whitewater, and then worked in the video production field for several years, which included working for The Jerry Springer Show. I received my MS in Communicaion from Whitewater in 2017, and have since been published in a peer reviewed journal.

Teaching Interests

I love communication, and love teaching it. My experiences in video production allow me to share an expertise with students that should help in their journey towards success.

Research Interests

My published piece was based off of my thesis. My research involved adult learning and training for people on the Autism Spectrum utilizing a multimedia approach, which included virtual reality. My research measured the reduction of uncertainty and anxiety through the use of virtual reality to learn a task. Virtal reality allowed the subjects to repeat the task until mastery was of the stresses accompanied by peers and managers if/when mistakes were made. Once task mastery was achieved in the virtual environment, the subject could then complete the task in a "rsal" of anxiety.

Consulting Interests

I offer communications consulting to various organizations. I specialize in creating imoactful content creation...mainly video.
COMM 168 - Intro to Visual/Digital Comm
COMM 356 - Advanced Media Production
COMM 390 - Special Topics-Communication:
COMM 490 - Special Topics-Communication:
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