Bryan Lewis, Ph.D.

  • Associate Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences; Director of Pre-Health Programs and Center for Health Sciences; Director of Graduate Programs CNHS; Academic Director of MS in Healthcare Adminsitration; Academic Director of BS in Sustainable Management
  • Center for Health Sciences Department
  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1997
  • PHONE: (262) 595-2327
  • EMAIL:
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Bryan Lewis
I currently serve as the Associate Dean for the College of Natural and Health Sciences, and the Director of Pre-Health Programs, the Center for Health Sciences, and Graduate Programs in the CNHS. I also serve as the Director of several other programs and majors within the CNHS. I have a passion for student education and student development, particularly as it relates to health related careers.

Teaching Interests

Neuroscience, Neurological Disorders, Physiology, Freshman Seminar

Research Interests

2023 - Submitted Article on advising practices for high achieving students

Consulting Interests

College Service

: Committee Member - AAS Steering Committee

University Service

: Committee Member - Center for Multidisciplinary Curricula
: Committee Member - Graduate School Task Force
ABT 705 - Ethics,Safety, Reg Env Biotech
ABT 735 - Quality Control and Validation
ABT 740 - Regulatory Practice/Compliance
ABT 750 - Biotech Marketing/Entrepreneur
ABT 755 - Global Opertn/Supply Chain Mgt
ABT 765 - Assessing Innovation-Biotech
ABT 770 - Product Development
AHS 101 - Intro Applied Health Sciences
AHS 494 - Internship/Fieldwork
BIOS 494 - Internship
BIOS 499 - Independent Study:
HCA 701 - Senior Care/Services Systems
HCA 705 - Population Health/Epidemiology
HCA 780 - Communctng Current/Emerg Topcs
SMGT 250 - Sustainable Ag/Food Security
SMGT 332 - Econ Envirnmntl Sustainability
SMGT 360 - Environ/Sustainability Policy
SMGT 420 - Built Envirnmnt/Sustainability
UWP 101 - First Yr Sem: Natural/Hlth Sci
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