Ling Li, PhD


  • Health Economics
  • Labor Economics
  • Public Economics
Dr Li is an associate professor in the Economics Department. She received her PhD in Economics in 2018 from Syracuse University and her B.A. in Economics in 2013 from Tsinghua University. Her research areas include health and labour economics. Her current research projects include quality of long-term care, the effect of safety regulations on worker safety and wage, as well as the role of unions on worker health.

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests include health economics, labor economics, public economics, industrial organization, applied econometrics, and principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Research Interests

My research falls at the intersection of public economics, labor economics, and health economics. My current research focuses on occupational safety, in which I examine the link between occupational safety and firm performance, as well as the role of regulations and labor unions in determining occupational safety. I use quasi-experimental designs, the latest econometrics tools, and linked survey and administrative data to study these questions.

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

: Recreational Marijuana Legislations and Workplace Injuries Among Younger Workers, JAMA Health Forum

ECON 120 - Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 340 - Health Economics
ECON 380 - The Labor Market
ECON 388 - Big Data and Causal Inference
ECON 492 - Research Experience-Economics
ECON 494 - Economics Internship
ECON 499 - Independent Study:
MBA 512 - Fndtns in Statistics/Economic
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