Jimmy "Jay" Mcroy

Jimmy Mcroy

Teaching Interests

Cinema Studies, Digital Video Production, Critical Theory, 20th Century Literature

Research Interests

Digital Video, Film Theory, Cinema History, Underground Cinema, Experimental Cinema, Avant-Garde Cinema, European Cinema, East Asian Cinema, Critical Theory

Consulting Interests

External Reviewer (multiple journals and academic publishers)

Selected Publications

2023: Eye-Camera-Ninagawa, [In]Transition: Journal of Videographic and Moving Image Studies (10 pp.)

2023: "The Agony of Mediation: Thomas Clay's "The Great Ecstasy of Robert Carmichael", CINE-EXCESS (20 pp.)

2023: "NAKASHIMA Tetsuya's _It Comes_" , Japan Foundation - London (2 pp.)

Teaching Awards

2017: Stella Gray Award for Teaching Excellence,
ENGL 101 - Composition and Reading
ENGL 208 - Creative Writing: Screenplay
ENGL 252 - Introduction to Film
ENGL 253 - Literature Into Film:
ENGL 258 - History of Film to 1950
ENGL 259 - History of Film from 1950
ENGL 319 - Modrn/Contemporary British Lit
ENGL 358 - Film Genres:
ENGL 359 - Digital Video
ENGL 451 - Studies in Literature/Culture:
ENGL 458 - Studies in Film:
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