Perette Michelli, Ph.D.


  • western art and architecture
  • Islamic art and architecture
  • Medieval to Present
  • Applied Arts
  • Culture & its Concepts

Teaching Interests

Art and Architectural History and Humanities of the west, from the caves to the present, and of Islam from its arrival to the ceding of Granada

Research Interests

My teaching areas with the most recent focus on the Umayyad mosque; continuing interests include inscriptions on objects (now including Arabic inscriptions), stained glass, cultural phenomena including apparently deliberate "mistakes" and omissions, the changing historic concepts of art and artists, time, truth, history; also 19th & 20th century American vernacular architecture

Consulting Interests

Preservation Racine (to research and encourage preservation of the built environment and its context); workshops and public speaking;

Public Service

: Officer, President/Elect/Past - Preservation Racine
: Committee Member - City of Racine Landmarks Commission
: Guest Speaker - Adventures in Lifelong Learning
2020: Board Member - Preservation Racine
ART 125 - Survey of World Art
LBST 101 - Beauty, Bewilderment, Love
LBST 101 - Intro Hum: Wrld Cultre to 1500
LBST 102 - Intro Hum: Wrld Cltr 1500-Pres
LBST 494 - Internship in Liberal Studies
LBST 498 - Senior Seminar Project
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