Xue "Nancy" Ning

  • Assistant Professor of MIS
  • Business Department
  • Ph.D., University of Colorado Denver, 2021
  • EMAIL: ning@uwp.edu

Selected Publications

2023: Blood and Water: Information Technology Investment and Control in Family-owned Businesses, Journal of Management Information Systems (208--238 pp.)

2023: The Hierarchy of Green Information Systems Capability in Organizations to Enhance and Ensure Green Performance: An Operant Resources Perspective, Communications of the Association for Information Systems (3 pp.)

2022: Competition and Integration of US Health Systems in the Post-COVID-19 New Normal: Cross-sectional Survey, JMIR FORMATIVE RESEARCH

2021: Blockchain-enabled government efficiency and impartiality: using blockchain for targeted poverty alleviation in a city in China, Information Technology for Development (599-616 pp.)

2021: Digital Orientation of Health Systems in the Post-COVID-19 "New Normal" in the United States: Cross-sectional Survey, JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH

2021: Online Sustainability Reporting and Firm Performance: Lessons Learned from Text Mining, Sustainability

2020: A vision of 6G – 5G's successor, Journal of Management Analytics (301-320 pp.)

BABA 300X - Intro Bus Analytics Applicatns
BABA 301X - Visualization Tools/Data Aalyt
BABA 302X - R Fund for Business Analytics
BABA 303X - AI/Machine Lrng Bus Ap using R
BABA 304X - Python Fnd Data Analy/Mch Lrng
BAOS 300X - Sls Data Anls/Com using Sprdsh
BAOS 301X - Database Design and Developmnt
BAOS 302X - Bldg Cmptv Advntg Usng Info Sy
BAOS 303X - Enterprise Systems and E-Comme
CIS 625 - Systems Analysis and Design
ITM 705 - Leading the IT Function
ITM 710 - Finance for IT Managers
ITM 715 - Data Science
ITM 725 - Enterprise Security
ITM 730 - Agile/Traditional IT Proj Mgt
ITM 735 - Bus Analysis/System Developmt
ITM 754 - ITM Capstone Preparation
MBA 720 - Info Tech for Bus Decisn Makng
MBA 729 - Technologies For Data Analytcs
MIS 320 - Management Information Systems
MIS 320 - Mgt Information Systems
MIS 327 - Cloud Computing in Business
MIS 327 - IT Infrastructure
MIS 328 - Database Management Systems
MIS 425 - Systems Analysis and Design
MIS 494 - Internship
MIS 499 - Independent Study:
QM 110 - Appl Quantitative Analysis-Bus
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