Ifeyimika "Ife" Ajaiyeoba, PhD.

  • Assistant Professor of Management and HR
  • Business Department
  • Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington, 2021
  • PHONE: (262) 595-3299
  • EMAIL: ogunyomi@uwp.edu
Dr. Ajaiyeoba completed her doctoral program at the University of Texas at Arlington with a focus on Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior. Prior to her academic career, she spent a few years in various organizations in both the profit and nonprofit industry. She held different roles in these organizations relating to general business management and human resource management.

Teaching Interests

Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, HR Strategy

Research Interests

Employee attitudes and behavior in emerging work context.
Gender/Diversity issues in nontraditional environment.

Consulting Interests

Selected Publications

: Exploring emotional labor dynamics among minority gig workers: navigating inequality and precarity in the gig economy,

: Person-Gig Fit: Examining the Value of Volition, Boundaryless Career Orientation, and Education of Satisfied Gig Workers ,

Departmental Service

: Committee Member - Transfer Credit Evaluation
: Committee Member - Undergraduate Curriculum and Assessment Committee
BUS 499 - Independent Study:
HRM 343 - Human Resource Management
HRM 441 - Strategic Staffing
HRM 494 - Internship
MATH 105AX - Business Algebra Fundamentals
MBA 700 - Creative/Innovative Management
MBA 742 - Leadrshp:Theory,Applcn,Skl Dev
MBA 787 - Workforce Planning/Staffing
MBA 788 - Performance Management
MBA 796 - Advanced Strategic Management
MGT 349 - Organizational Behavior
MKT 494 - Internship
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