Joy Wolf

Joy Wolf


  • Biogeography
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Soil science
  • Dendrochronology
  • Ecological restoration
Dr. Wolf earned her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado-Boulder, and M.S. and B.A. from Northern Arizona University. She is currently the Academic Director for the online Sustainable Management Program.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Wolf teaches Biogeography, Landscape Ecology, Dendrochronology, Soil Ecosystems and Resources, Field Methods, Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Geography and the Environment, Biological Invasions, Environmental Conservation, Physical Geography and Natural Resources Management.

Dr. Wolf completed UW-Parkside's online course development workshop in 2015, and offered her first distance education class in 2016. She earned her QM Quality Matters Online Course Assessment Certificate in 2018, and currently serves as the director of the University's Sustainable Management online degree completion program.

Research Interests

Research interests include biodiversity, soils, and fire ecology in oak savanna, maple-beech forests in Wisconsin, riparian corridors in central Arizona and Wisconsin, grasslands in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, old-growth mixed-conifer forests in the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, and bird populations in coastal forests in the Pacific Northwest.

Consulting Interests

Wetland Delineation Training (2017)
Wildland Fire Training and Certification for National Fire Academy and FEMA (2010)
Wildland Firefighter (1995)
Private Pilot FAA Certified (1993)

Selected Publications


2020: A Model for adjusting Dietary Estimates of Greenhouse Gases towards OECD Food Estimates, International Workshop on Simulation for Energy, Sustainable Development & Environment (SESDE)

2016: Reflections on Bird Migration, Habitat Use, and Bird Song in the Pacific Coast Migration Corridor, Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (168-191 pp.)

2012: Assessment of vegetation cover for grassland bird breeding habitat in southeastern Wisconsin, Bird Populations (22-29 pp.)

2012: Impacts of land use patterns on riparian forest structure and composition, River Systems

2010: Critical Thinking in Physical Geography: Linking Concepts of Content and Applicability, Journal of Geography (43-53 pp.)

2008: 2007 Wolf J.J. and Bosworth, B. Impacts of Clearcut Logging on Soils in Northern Wisconsin. , The Wisconsin Geographer (25 pp.)

2008: Wolf, J. and A. Statham. 2008. Working Together to Protect Ecological Diversity: A Community Based Learning Case Study at University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Volume 12, Issue 4, Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 12(3): 33-46 (14 pp.)

2008: 2008. Fighting with Fire: Restoring Montane Grasslands and Controlling Melilotus in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA, , Ecological Restoration, 26(3): 218-228 (13 pp.)

2007: 2007 Wolf, J. J. Use of Nitrogen Additions to Control a Nitrogen Fixing Exotic Species” submit, Journal of Applied Ecology (18 pp.)

2007: The use of NH4NO3 treatments to control Melilotus officinalis in Rocky Mountain National Park.., Integrated Resource Management Applications

2006: Wolf, J.J. 2006. Canopy Spatial Distribution in Managed to Unmanaged Oak Openings, Proceedings of the North American Prairie Conference, Madison, WI Accepted! Published in 2006: 19: 236-242, Proceedings of the North American Prairie Conference, (7 pp.)

2004: Wolf, J.J., S. W. Beatty, and T. R. Seastedt. 2004. Soil characteristics of Rocky Mountain National Park grasslands invaded by Melilotus officinalis and M. alba, 31(3):415-24., Journal of Biogeography (18 pp.)

2004: Wolf, Joy J. 2004. A 200 year oak savanna fire history in southeastern Wisconsin. 152: 201-213., American Midland Naturalist (14 pp.)

2003: Mast, J.N. and J. Wolf. 2003. Ecotonal changes and altered tree spatial patterns in lower mixed-conifer forests, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, U.S.A. Landscape Ecology. 00:1-15, Landscape Ecology (15 pp.)

2003: Wolf, J. J. and Mast, J.N. 2003. Grand Canyon N. P. (AZ560-562). International Tree-Ring Data Bank. IGBP PAGES/World Data Center for Paleoclimatology Data Contribution Series #2003-024. NOAA/NGDC Paleoclimatology Program, Boulder CO, USA. Tree Ring Data: Wolf and Mast 1998, URL:, International Tree-Ring Data Bank.

2003: Wolf, J. J., S W. Beatty, and G. Carey. 2003. Invasion by sweet clover (Melilotus) in montane grasslands, Rocky Mountain National Park. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 93(3): 531-543., Annals of the Association of American Geographers (13 pp.)

Teaching Awards

2017: Chancellor's Award, Teaching and Learning Assessment Award
2012: 2012 Promotion to Full Professor, Promotion to Full Professor, UW-System

Research/Creative Awards

2012: 2012. Sabbatical Award for 2013/2014. Using citizen-based techniques to understand bird and forest associations in the Pacific Northwest. Research will include work from California, Oregon, and Costa Rica. Office of the Chancellor, UW-Parkside, Board of Regents, UW-System, Sabbatical Award , UW- System
2012: nominated to receive the Community-Engaged Learning and Research Award, Community-Engaged Learning and Research Award, Center for Community Partnerships
2009: 2009. Certificate of Recognition awarded for stewardship efforts in Renak-Polak Woods and Chiwaukee Prairie from Wisconsin Wetland Association., Certificate of Recognition awarded from Wisconsin Wetland Association, 2009,
2009: 2009. Invited Plenary Speaker for statewide and regional wide Prescribed Fire Conference, hosted by Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council., Invited Plenary Speaker for statewide and regional wide Prescribed Fire Conference, hosted by Wisconsin Prescribed Fire Council, 2009,
2008: 2008. Invited by the Ecological Society of America to be the organizer and Host for the Research Field Trip. The destination was two areas of my research; Chiwaukee Prairie and Renak-Polak Woods. Attendees were from several countries., Invited by the Ecological Society of America to be the organizer and Host for the Research Field Trip, 2008,
2006: Nominated and Received UW-Parkside Excellence in Research and Creative Activity Award,

Departmental Service

: Committee Member - Geography Executive Committee

College Service

: Committee Member - Masters Degree Steering Committee
: Committee Member - Faculty Member, Environmental Studies Program

University Service

: Committee Member - Acdemic Assessment Committee
: Committee Member - Environmental Studies
2020: Other - Sustainable Management Program Academic Director

Public Service

: Board Member - Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Committee
: Other - Chiwaukee Prairie
: Board Member - Hawthorn Hollow
: Other - Center for Community Partnerships
2008: Other - Root River Environmental Education Community Center and Beach Research Center for UWP
2008: Other - Wisconsin Ephemeral Pond Project 2008
2004: Other - Kenosha Archeological Society
GEOG 100 - Physical Geog/the Environment
GEOG 326 - Biogeography
GEOG 384 - Landscape Ecology
GEOG 490 - Special Topics in Geography:
GEOG 494 - Internship in Geography
GEOG 499 - Independent Study:
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