Han Zhang

  • Institutional Research Analyst
  • Provost's Office Department
  • Ph.D., Kent State University, 2018
  • PHONE: (262) 595-2235
  • EMAIL: zhang@uwp.edu
Han Zhang

Selected Publications

2023: Effects of postsecondary education on employment outcomes of youth with specific learning disabilities: A propensity score matching approach, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation (165-174 pp.)

2022: Reassessing the multidimensional structure of the Smartphone Addiction Scale: Support for unidimensionality and a shortened scale from an American sample, Computer in Human Behavior (19 pp.)

2022: Workforce participation as a differential indicator of satisfaction with the employment situation among Latinx with multiple sclerosis: Implications for vocational rehabilitation professionals in the covid-19 era, Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education (2-14 pp.)

2022: Workplace discrimination allegations and outcomes involving Caucasian Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans with multiple sclerosis: A causal comparative analysis, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation (93-106 pp.)

2020: Dynamic leadership: An expansion of self determination theory, Library of Professional Coaching

University Service

2019: Committee Member - Academic Achievement and Assessment Committee
BAMA 300X - Business Analytics I
BAMA 301X - Business Analytics II
MATH 105AX - Business Algebra Fundamentals
PMGT 304X - Intro to Cost/Quality Managmnt
PMGT 310X - Cost and Quality Control
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