School Records

Pupil Records:

  • Racine County  Elementary School Pupil Record Cards, 1923-1965
    Racine Series 35
    Arranged by year of graduation and thereunder alphabetical by pupil’s name. County Superintendent’s card record of pupils completing eighth grade in schools under his supervision. For 1939-1965 graduates, the cards contain the pupil’s grade record from first through eighth grades, showing year, grade, teacher’s name, and grades received in each subject. The cards also show pupil’s name, sex, birthplace, birthdate, and address; date of graduation from eighth grade and rank in class; names, address, and occupations of parents; rank in family and number of siblings; age when entering first grade; whether, when, and where kindergarten was attended; type, date, and results of achievement and intelligence tests taken; and notations of parent-teacher conferences. For 1923-1938, the cards are much less detailed; they show pupil’s name, address, age, school attended in eighth grade, and grades received in each subject in eighth grade. 

  • Racine-Kenosha County Teachers College Campus School Student Final Record, ca. 1917-1969
    Racine Series 43
    A file containing a 5" x 8" card for each student at the demonstration school on campus which taught kindergarten through 8th grade -- Information shown includes name, name and occupation of parent or guardian, home address and phone number, attendance, grades in each subject, and standardized tests taken. Some report cards with comments by the student teachers are also present.

Yearbooks & Annuals:

Area University & College Records:

  • Racine-Kenosha County Teachers College Student Final Record, ca. 1920-1970
    Racine Series 42
    A file containing a 5" x 8" card for each student showing their name, address, parent or guardian, place and year of high school graduation, classes taken and grades received, and occasional other information. 

  • College of Racine Records, 1936-1975
    Non transcript Records of the College of Racine, founded in 1864 as St. Catherine's Female Academy and later known as St. Albertus Junior College (1935-1946), Dominican College (1946-1957), Dominican College of Racine (1957-1972), and College of Racine (1972-1974). Included is documentation of the growth and development of a small private liberal arts college, its relationship with the Racine, Wisconsin, community, the initiation of educational reforms and innovations during the 1960s and early 1970s, and its financial difficulties and closing in 1974. Records consist of files of the offices of president, vice president for academic affairs, vice president for administration, and vice president for development and public relations; student records; publications; records of related institutions, including Mount St. Paul College; and non-text materials. Subject matter includes academic policies, administration, admissions, alternative academic programs, the curriculum, enrollments, financing, gifts and grants, numerous educational and religious organizations, student government and organizations, and related topics. Transcript records of the College of Racine and its predecessor institutions are located in the UW-Parkside's Registrar's Office.

  • St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing (Racine, Wis.)  Records, 1908-1986
    Non-Transcript records, mainly 1935-1986, of a three-year diploma school of nursing in Racine, Wisconsin, that operated from 1906 to 1986. Included are publications and catalogs, reports to the Board of Directors, faculty minutes and handbooks, and other incomplete administrative records; correspondence and reports to the National League of Nursing and the Wisconsin Board of Nursing concerning accreditation and revision of the curriculum; records of individual students; and extensive files of course materials, 1969-1986. Transcript records are located in the UW-Parkside's Registrar's Office.

If you are unable to visit our facility, we will be happy to provide you with copies of records located in our office: Please contact us with your request. It is helpful if you list your subject's name, location and dates of milestones.

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