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Ten Questions With...

Employer Relations Coordinator, Linda Bevec, meets with real employers to talk about careers in the informal video chat series, "Ten Questions With..." produced by the Advising and Career Center.

Newest in the series...

Jennifer Hoffman, Rogers Behavioral Health


Jennifer Hoffman

Rogers Behavioral Health

Campus Relations Liason


Sound bites from the interview...

“The top qualities we value is passion for making a difference in our industry, someone also that can really critically think and problem solve, and dependability is an absolute must because you have individuals who rely on you for their services and to receive treatment.”

“I think the biggest thing I could provide (career) advice on would be that if you decide that maybe this wasn’t the route that you wanted to go, acknowledge that and give yourself some understanding and some grace…and then move on to where your passion serves you best.”

“We continue to grow on a national level and are really looking for those individuals who are motivated and eager to come in and hit the ground running, make a difference, and help change the stigma of mental health as we know it today.”

Next up in the series...

More employer guests will be announced soon!

Check back for updates.

Recent in the series...

Jordan Bryant, Uline


Jordan Bryant


Campus Recruiting Manager


Northwestern Mutual, Kosnick Financial Group

Northwestern Mutual Kosnick

Kelsey Reed

Northwestern Mutual

Director of Campus Recruitment
Northwestern Mutual, Kosnick Financial Group


Greendale Schools

Greendale Schools

Julie Grotophorst

Greendale School District

Director of Human Resources
Greendale School District  

Website Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN)

John Dicket

Wisconsin Department of Revenue

John Dickert

Wisconsin Department of Revenue

Division Administrator, State & Local Finance


Sound bites from John Dickert...

"The first thing that I ask anyone who comes to work for me at the Department of Revenue in state and local finance is, where do you want to be in three to five years?" 

"In my career what I found was that doing the things that you love and working in the place that you really enjoy...that's really the best thing that you can do for your life."

James De Mint

Center for Urban Teaching

James De Mint

Center for Urban Teaching

Talent Recruiter and Developer


Sound bites from James De Mint...

"Every conversation you have is a job interview" 

"Know your why"

"Your resume should tell your story"

Caitlin Becerra, Froedtert South

Froedtert South

Caitlin Becerra

Froedtert South

Human Resources Coordinator


Sound bites from Caitlin Becerra...

"Learning doesn’t stop after you graduate. Seek out educational opportunities maybe through podcasts, or school, or becoming a member of professional group. Our career fields are always changing."

"My favorite question to ask in an interview is, ‘What makes you the best candidate for the job?’"

"I’m also impressed when a candidates takes the time to find out what our mission is and ties that into their interview answers, and how they can support our mission."

Brianna Chipman, City Year


Brianna Chipman

City Year



Sound bites from Brianna Chipman...

"We hire individuals 18-25 from all walks of life, from all majors...as long as our candidates really have that desire to make a difference in the community."

"Going into a job interview with City Year it's very important to be self-reflective and self-aware. So spend some time reflecting about your identity and what that could mean going into the communities that we serve in."

"Working for City Year, after you have finished your year of service, you get entered into a network of over 40,000 people so you can make so many connections. You can make a difference in a community and take time to figure out your passions and there are so many financial and educational benefits to working here."

Ashley Wunrow, TDS Telecom


Ashley Wunrow

TDS Telecom

Associate Manager-Talent Acquisition


Sound bites from Ashley Wunrow...

"We provide services in 30 states and that number is rapidly growing…so I anticipate that eventually we will be able to say we’re nationwide. Right now we have 3,000 employees and about 100 interns."

"My favorite question to ask in an interview is, ‘What questions do you have for me?’ I think it tells a lot about how prepared a candidate is coming into the interview, and how badly they want it or how much they’ve educated on the position. It just tells a lot about the effort they put in prior to the interview."

"As far as working for TDS, I just don’t have enough good things to say. I could go on forever to be honest…there are just so many opportunities within the organization. I want to say 40% of our positions get filled internally because folks get promoted through the ranks. And 30% of our internships are converted into fulltime employment."

Ben Hastil, Jobs That Help

Jobs That Help logo

Ben Hastil

Jobs That Help

Founder and Operator



Kristyn Wartman, Milwaukee Public Schools


Kristyn Wartman

Milwaukee Public Schools

Recruitment Coordinator



Sound Bites from Kristyn Wartman...

“Candidates ultimately need to have a passion for education, because everything goes back to the children. The children are our future, the children are why I work for MPS, and we look for people who are passionate, personable, and have that empathy.” 

“As a college student, I wish I would have gone to the career advising office more. I didn’t realize how helpful it was until afterward. They give you resume help and interview tips and there’s so many career opportunities or internships they have listed.” 

“We have every position you could think of. There’s a saying that it take a village to raise a child, and I think it takes our whole district to create that best learning environment for students.” 

Steve Lange, Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin


Steve Lange

Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin

Senior Director of Human Resources



Sound Bites from Steve Lange...

“A really important question I like to ask (in the job interview) is right at the beginning…what did you learn about this organization as you prepared for this interview? Did you look at our website? Did you look at our social media? How excited are you about this organization and the opportunity that is presented?”

”As a non-profit organization, it’s about how many dollars can we bring in to feed people? Do we have the ability to create a department that will help the end user? So, it’s always thinking about who our end user is and how can we live into our mission of solving hunger verses not gaining a profit from it.”

“The top quality I look for when hiring someone is, is the person comfortable that I’m talking to, are they confident, do they want to engage in our mission…which is to solve hunger? And, lastly…it’s not just about the paycheck, but what passion do you have?” 

Dr. M. Rachel Mall, Kenosha YMCA


Dr. M. Rachel Mall

Kenosha YMCA

Youth and Family Director



Sound Bites from Dr. M. Rachel Mall...

“I’m really looking for someone who has that heart to serve. You have the opportunity every day when you come into work here to help somebody, whether it’s a child or a member or your fellow co-workers…and I think that it just gives life purpose.”

”Whether you are interested in education, or social work, or physical therapy, or anything in the health field, we have internship programs here that anyone can get involved in.”

“We talk about ourselves as being a family, and we are based on our four core values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring — and we truly live those out. ”

Pam Piper, Shepherds College


Pam Piper

Shepherds College

Human Resources Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator


Sound Bites from Pam Piper...

"It’s very purpose-driven and satisfying work to be here and have a job that impacts the lives of our students."

"I look for people who want to make a difference…who are mission driven and want a job that is satisfying on so many levels."

"This is the place to be for someone who wants that first year experience to really grow and learn more in their career, and the students here will just appreciate everything you do."

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