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Student Leaders

Keezanna Vann-Knox  |  Milwaukee, WI  |  Nursing
Favorite thing about Parkside: The small class sizes because the professors are available for one on one time
Favorite place to study on campus: The library because it is very hard to focus anywhere else on or off campus.
Involvement on campus: Campus Ambassador, Orientation Leader, Always Reaching Upward Program Success Coach, Residence Hall Association, Black Student Union, and Student Nurses Club
Advice: Get involved on campus, no matter what it is for and who it is with!
Brionna Moore-Barnes  |  Chicago, IL  |  Nursing and Psychology
Favorite thing about Parkside: The family atmosphere that Parkside has established through the emphasis on student involvement.
Favorite place to study on campus: The chill rooms in Ranger Hall such as the conference room or Ranger 47.
Favorite place on campus: The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.
Something interesting about me: I have a very diverse taste in TV shows.
Tony Aiello  |  Racine, WI  |  Computer Science
Favorite thing about Parkside: Everyone here is friendly. I was nervous during my first semester as a non-traditional student. I was afraid I'd overhear things like, "Dude, he's as old as your dad!" I quickly found out that I'm not the only non-traditional student here. In fact, there are people much older than me who are returning students. It's never too late to go back for that degree.
Favorite place to study on campus: Third floor of the library, where it is ultra quiet.
Involvement on campus: Rainbow Alliance, Phi Eta Sigma Honors
Advice: "I kept waiting for someone to do something until I realized that I am someone." -George Takei
Amanda Franks  |  Waterford, WI |  Nursing
Favorite thing about Parkside: How beautiful it is, I love it! There is so much nature surrounding the campus, it's just beautiful.
Favorite place to study on campus: Is either my dorm room or a local Starbucks.
Favorite place at Parkside: The bridge. I can see everything out the windows! The view is beautiful!
Something interesting about me: I love Broadway shows and plays. I also enjoy playing softball.
Nick Potter  |  Crown Point, IN  |  Geoscience
Involvement on campus: Geoscience Club and Adventure Club.
Advice: Just get involved, Leadership is nothing more than a bunch of skills, and the nice thing about skills is they can be learned and practiced. Also, you will fail at least once during your leadership career. It doesn't matter what you do when things are going smoothly, but, what matters is what you do when things don't go according to plan and are falling apart. It is in those moments your actions and decisions will make you a good leader.
Simmi Bharvani  |  Racine, WI  |  Pre-med Biology major, Chemistry minor, Community Based Learning Certificate
Best thing about being a student at UWP: SO easy to get involved. It's easy to make friends. There's also a small student to faculty ratio.
Favorite place to study on campus: In the library with coffee from Starbucks
Involvement on campus: Campus Ambassador, Parkside Model, International Club
Advice: To make new friends and join organizations. Don't be scared to make yourself known.
Mai Yer Yang  |  Sheboygan, WI  |  Sociology and Communication
Favorite thing about Parkside: Having small class sizes that allow the professors to get to know his or her students.
Favorite place to study on campus: The third floor of the library by the windows.
Favorite place on campus: The Student Involvement Center
Something interesting about me: I love to volunteer!
Timothy Krueger  |  Kenosha, WI  |  Communication
Favorite thing about Parkside: Being able to walk anywhere on campus and run into a dozen people you know by first name.
Favorite place to study on campus: The study rooms in the library, it is great being able to check out a room to study in and not have any distractions. I get so much work done in those rooms!
Favorite place on campus: Ranger 47, there is always a cool event going on in there. It's awesome!
Something interesting about me: I love to plan events. It is awesome watching other people enjoy an event you created.
Anna Gashi  |  Sweden  |  Chemistry, Pre-med
Favorite thing about Parkside: The overall size of the school. It is easy to get to know new people and the professors you are working with.
Favorite place to study on campus: The second floor of the library.
Favorite place on campus: The library, because there are great areas to hang out and study.
Something interesting about me: I am an international student who moved to the US from Sweden four years ago.
Bianca Perez  |  Milwaukee, WI  |  Psychology and Spanish
Favorite thing about Parkside: We can have one on one time with the instructors when needed.
Favorite place to study on campus: The library because it's a nice quiet environment.
Something interesting about me: I listen to all types of music- Spanish, rock, country, rap, and so on.
Selina Amborn |  Genoa City, WI  |  Spanish
Favorite thing about Parkside: Parkside has an 18:1 student to professor ratio, which means that anytime you have questions about a lecture you can directly contact your professor. This makes it easy to get help, as well as being able to personally know professors, instead of having to go to a lab or TA for help.
Favorite place to study on campus:
Involvement on campus: Phi Eta Sigma
Advice: Study hard and always attend lectures, but make sure to have fun at the same time. There are tons of opportunities for fun, whether it's attending a movie at the cinema, getting involved in a intramural sport, or joining a Greek fraternity/sorority. There's so much more to college than just work!
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