Women in Leadership Learning Community

The Women in Leadership Learning Community intends to prepare new, full-time, female Rangers to be leaders on campus, in the community, and in life through providing knowledge, opportunities, and support that will guide them in pursuit of their goals.  Women in Leadership aims to assist students in positively transitioning to college, with a focus on developing skills and knowledge that will contribute to academic, professional, and personal success, ultimately forming a support network that will encourage retention and graduation.  

Consider joining the Women in Leadership LC if you are eager to be a part of a community dedicated to: 

  • Encouraging & supporting others
  • Volunteering & community involvement
  • Personal & professional development
  • Academic success

Classes you take in the Women in Leadership LC

  • Intro to Community Engagement: 3 credits (CBL 101) - meets CSSPS General Education requirement. 
  • Freshmen Seminar: 1 credit (UWP 111)

Students in the Women in Leadership LC will be pre-registered for these courses and should plan to attend New Student Orientation on July 17, 2018.


To express your interest, simply complete this form

What is a Learning Community (LC)?

Learning communities are small groups of students who have similar academic goals and attitudes that are co-enrolled in one or more classes together. LC's instill a sense of community and support among students and professional staff. Research has shown that student involvement in a LC is associated with increased academic success, student involvement and motivation, student retention and time to degree-completion, and enhanced critical thinking and intellectual development.


Diana Mantey  |  mantey@uwp.edu  |  262-595-2085

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