Ranger Return Grant Program

Thinking about returning to Parkside to complete your degree. We just launched a new grant, the Ranger Return grant, that is focused on students who stopped out from college but are close to earning their degree, and are only a few credits away from reaping the benefits of a bachelor’s degree.

The Ranger Return grant is a $500 one-time grant designed to assist students who still owe money towards tuition and segregated fees after all their financial aid is applied.  We all know that even a little bit of financial help can make a big difference and get you back on the path to graduation.

How do I qualify?
To qualify, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Earned 90 + credits or more toward your degree at UW-Parkside in any of our programs except Sustainable Management, Health Information Management Technology, Flex Option program or the Collaborative Nursing program.
  • Not enrolled in any classes at UW-Parkside for the past year or more.
  • Not completed bachelor's degree 
  • Submitted a current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submitted to UW-Parkside by August 15.
  • Been readmitted and enrolled in classes for Fall 2024 by August 30.

Our Leadership and Personalized Studies program may be a great option to help you get to the finish line fast.   Students who receive a Ranger Return Grant will work with their academic advisor to determine the best path and create a graduation plan in Navigate. 

Krista Adams

Krista Adams

Adult Student Enrollment Counselor


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