Student Transfer Assessment Report (STAR)

The Student Transfer Assessment Report (STAR) is designed to reveal how the University of Wisconsin-Parkside will award credit for transferable courses. The equivalencies may satisfy different degree requirements depending upon your specific major or program. In addition, course revisions or changes in requirements may cause equivalencies to change. Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to:

  1. Discuss specific circumstances with an advisor
  2. Review STAR for periodic updates and
  3. Retain printed copies of dated STAR. Printed copies of dated STAR reports will guarantee transferability for the term and year printed and the upcoming term.

IMPORTANT: S.T.A.R. tracks courses as they are transferred. Missing courses in S.T.A.R. does not imply a lack of transferability; it means Parkside has yet to evaluate the course's equivalency. For more information, contact our transfer staff.


For admissions and transfer information, contact our Transfer Team:

For questions on equivalencies in STAR, contact Rita Minger, Transfer Credit Evaluation Coordinator 262-595-2445 or

For degree requirements and transfer policies, visit the transfer homepage.

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