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Sport Management

63 credits

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Transfer Policies

Students transferring from non-baccalaureate institutions to Parkside may generally transfer up to 72 credits earned at non-baccalaureate institutions toward the 120 credits required for degree completion. UW-Parkside may accept additional credits toward the degree where appropriate. A minimum of 15 credits numbered 300 or above must be completed at Parkside.

Sport Management catalog information

Graduation Requirements  |  Sport Management Major


The following requirements are in addition to the university general education requirements. Please use this guide in tandem with the Degree Requirements Transfer Guide.


In addition to satisfying the general university requirements, students seeking to graduate with bachelor of science with a major in sport management must satisfy the following:

  • Complete all requisite course work (63 credits) for the major; and
  • Achieve at least a C in all courses utilized to complete the major (C- is not  acceptable); and
  • Achieve a minimum 2.50 GPA in all courses utilized to complete the major.

Core Courses  |  42 credits

BUS 121 Introduction to Business BUS 100
ENG 266/ BUS 237/
AOS 172/ AOS 111
Writing for Business and Industry ENGL 204
CMM 121/ SPE 121 Public Speaking SPCH 105
- Introduction to Health,
Exercise Science
and Sport Management
HESM 210
- Applied Sport Management HESM 220
- Ethics and Issues in
Sport Management
HESM 282
- Legal Issues in Sport Management HESM 300
- Sports Marketing HESM 362
- Sport Business and Finance HESM 420
- Senior Seminar in
Sport Management
HESM 480
- Fieldwork in Sport Management HESM 495

Elective Courses  |  21 credits
Choose courses from the list below:

ACC 121 Financial Accounting ACCT 201
ART 222/ DMD 111/
DMD 121
Introduction to Digital Art ART 104
PED 242 Economics of Sports ECON 305
- Organizational Behavior MGT 349
- Sport in Society HESM 285
- Special Topics in
Sport Management
HESM 289
- Sports Industry Regulation HESM 310
- The Business of Minor
League Baseball
HESM 310
- Race, Ethnicity and
Baseball in American Society
HESM 335
- Sustainable Sport Management HESM 339
- Sport and Fitness Psychology HESM 358
- Sports Communications HESM 360
- Event Management HESM 370
- Facility Development
and Management
HESM 380
- Special Topics in
Sport Management
HESM 389
- Sport Sales and Customer Service HESM 455
- Athletic Fundraising HESM 456
- Sport Analytics HESM 458
- Special Topics in
Sport Management
HESM 489
- Independent Study HESM 499
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