Thinking about Dropping a Course

 Here are some things to consider…

Time to Degree

Dropping or withdrawing from too many classes may extend your time in college. Most students average 15 credits per semester. Consult  your advisor or layout your graduation plan in Academic planner to understand the impact dropping could have on your time to degree.


Dropping a class can mean that you have to pay for the same class twice. It could also impact to your Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students receiving federal student aid must complete at least 66% of the classes they attempt or they could lose their aid.

Is It a Prerequisite?

Is this class a requirement for another class you need in a future semester? If so, dropping could delay your degree progression.

Student Status

Are you an athlete, veteran, grant or scholarship recipient? Dropping could impact your status so make sure to understand the requirements for your specific situation.

Do You Really Need to Drop?

Have you met with the professor to discuss your the class, and how you could be might improve?   Have you utilized the Parkside Academic Resource Center?Consider the grade you need versus the grade you want.  

Catching Up 

If you do have to drop a class, consider whether you can take the course during winterim or summer or at a community college in your area that you could transfer back to the university to help you stay on track. 

Talk To Your Advisor

Not sure what to do.  Your advisor is here to help you explore your options and assist  in making the best decision for you. 

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