Degree Requirements

General University Requirements to Earn a Bachelor's Degree

Be sure to consult the academic catalog for comprehensive information about degree requirements and review your academic advisement report with your advisor to make sure you are on track to graduate.

Math and English

You must complete a sequence of courses ending with ENGL 101 and MATH 102, Math 103 or MATH 111 before completing 60 credits. Where you start in the sequence is determined by your HS GPA and/or ACT and/or  the Wisconsin Placement Exam unless you have satisfactory transfer credit.

General Education

General education courses give you an opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn about topics that you may not have otherwise discovered. To fulfill the general education requirement, you'll complete a minimum of 36 general education credits from the Humanities and the Arts, Social and Behavioral, and Natural Sciences.

Foreign Language

Unless otherwise noted, students must complete two semesters of foreign language, or the equivalent of two semesters of one foreign language. The foreign language requirement can be met through other methods, which are outlined in the academic catalog.

Ethnic Diversity

Keep an eye out for courses with a DV designation. You'll need to complete one 3-credit course dealing with issues of race and ethnicity within the United States. Courses that meet the ethnic diversity requirement may also fulfill a general education requirement.

Major Requirements

Everyone who earns a bachelor's degree must have declared at least one major. You'll need to complete all of the requirements specific to your major. If you have more than one major, you'll need to complete requirements for both. 

Minimum Number of Credits

You must complete 120 credits of college work. This must include 36 credits in courses numbered 300 or above, and a minimum of 30 credits of your last 60 credits must be completed at Parkside. Depending on your program(s), you might take more than 120 credits. 

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