Your Money

Here are answers to some common financial questions, whether you are a new student or returning for another great semester.

How much is it?

How can I afford it?

The good news is that Parkside's tuition and fees are among the most affordable in Wisconsin! Find out your options for financial aid, scholarships, and student employment that can help offset your costs.

How do I pay and when?

Due dates are available on the Cashier's Office webpage and in your SOLAR student account. You may also want to check out information about making payments and setting up payment plans.

How do I pay for campus services?

All enrolled students receive a Ranger Card as their University ID which also serves as a way to pay for on campus goods and services, such as dining, vending, printing, and books. Learn how to use your student Learn more about Ranger Card.

Occasionally, students have more financial aid available to them after paying for tuition and fees. You can choose how to use that extra money. Learn more about refunds.

What about tax info?

Learn how Parkside and the IRS handle your tax forms.

What if I need help managing my money?

Check out Cash Course for tips on creating a budget, dealing with credit card debt, protecting your credit, and planning your financial future.

We also recommend that you get in touch with a counselor in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. They can provide additional recommendations and resources.

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